Fallout 3 Role Play Community. This Community may contain graphic subject matter, violence and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.
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CalicoShe's a few bullets short of a full clip, but mostly harmless if you stay on her good side. 2009-05-2009/08/14, 12:18 pm283 Send private message   
Jarek2009-06-0409/08/14, 12:17 pm210 Send private message   
Admin2009-05-2006/07/10, 08:56 pm85 Send private message  http://ghoulification.forumotion.com 
Isaac Horrigan2009-09-0412/08/10, 09:30 pm76 Send private message   
Lex RugsbyThe look on your face when a yoi-guai rips out your heart and eats it in front of you? priceless. for everything else, there's, guns.2009-06-0610/08/10, 06:19 pm66 Send private message   
CalvinI woke up this mornin' feelin' round for my shoes/Know by that I got these old walkin' blues2009-06-0405/07/10, 02:18 am64 Send private message   
Cap'm Crunch2009-09-0615/01/11, 05:36 pm62 Send private message   
Dahlia"You look funny Mister... Will I look like you soon?" - First words spoken when she awoke in Dr. Barrows office.2009-06-0402/04/10, 09:25 pm42 Send private message  http://ladygreta.livejournal.com/ 
Kincaide2009-10-0226/10/10, 12:00 am40 Send private message   
Eris and FallenSee this gun? *Points it at you* Now Laugh!2010-02-1214/09/10, 10:28 am30 Send private message  http://alchemistress666.deviantart.com/ 
Twain2009-09-0208/08/10, 12:39 pm29 Send private message   
KhasenKhasen looks out for herself and herself only. She has a deep-seated hatred of slavers.2009-06-0423/09/09, 10:38 pm17 Send private message   
Dominic O'ReileyIf only the human brain could be programmed as well...2009-08-0104/09/09, 10:35 pm16 Send private message   
TrigI'm allergic to human interaction. Please back away slowly and don't make eye contact.2009-06-0416/07/09, 05:15 pm16 Send private message   
VergilPick your poison, dollface.2009-06-0429/06/09, 11:48 pm14 Send private message   
Fiona"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."2009-08-2626/10/09, 08:49 pm13 Send private message   
Jester2009-08-1206/09/09, 12:52 pm13 Send private message   
CharonFuck off.2009-07-0828/10/09, 07:52 pm10 Send private message   
jonqubine2010-07-0530/07/10, 11:40 pm8 Send private message   
Adam"... I... uhm. Why did the brahim cross the road? .... To get a drink of water. I. Uhm. Ha?"2009-10-0626/02/10, 04:33 pm8 Send private message