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 Updated Continuity (Contains Game Spoilers)

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PostSubject: Updated Continuity (Contains Game Spoilers)   28/05/09, 06:25 pm

(Note: This section will list what 'quests' have been completed by either the LW or other players. This section will be continuously updated so please check back often.)
(The DCL is not part of the continuity yet. For the sake of those who may not have it we're working as though the Water Purifier has just been activated. Characters, locations and quests from the DCL will be integrated over time.)

    Main Quests

    All main storyline quests up to and including "Take it Back" have been completed by the Lone Wanderer with the following results:

  • GNR is broadcasting loud and clear to the entire wasteland.
  • Raven Rock has been destroyed. President Eden is gone and Colonel Autumn is dead. What is left of the Enclave is scattered throughout the Wastes.
  • The Water Purifier has been activated and is pumping clean, pure water into the Potomac River.

    Side Quests

    The following Side Quests have been completed with the following results:

  • Trouble on the Home Front. LW has returned to the Vault upon receiving a distress signal on their radio. After meeting with the Overseer and convincing him the Rebels are correct and the Vault cannot go on any longer, Vault Dwellers are now slowly making their way out into the wastes. This means players can build OC Vault Dwellers but they cannot be the LW.
  • Those! Grayditch has gone quiet.

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Updated Continuity (Contains Game Spoilers)
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