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 Matthew Vegras (Hunter) UPDATED

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L.H( Matthew Vegras )
L.H( Matthew Vegras )

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PostSubject: Matthew Vegras (Hunter) UPDATED   22/09/09, 04:37 am

IC Info

Name: Mattew Vegras, but he ditched this and goes by the name Lonely Hunter ( in history )
Age: 29
Height: 6 and a half foot
Weight: 45 lbs
Hair: White hair in a crew cut with light stubble
Eyes: Dark green
Skin: Light tanned
Race: Human, heavily built
Top Three Skills: Small Guns, Repair and Big Guns

Hometown/Origins: Descended from a line of military leaders, lived in Rivet City
Current Residence: Megaton, but hardly goes there.
Employment/Hobbies: Brotherhood of Steel Leader
Companion: None

Personality: Quite and sometimes makes angry outbursts, he can have a sick mind, this is why he thinks he should join the Enclave, he has ways of making people talk.

History: Born in Rivet City, he was well know for his lonliness and experimental mind, disecting small mutated animals and seeing how they work, this when he made his own stimulant which he calls MVL ( Matthew.Vegras.Liquid ), made out of Molerat Blood, and crushed Dog bone with irradiated water, and purified water. This drink is incredibly dangerous, mutating one's mind in a manner of speaking, it makes the go into a temporary form of phsychoticness and makes one forget about their state of body. Living in Rivet City for 19 years was tad difficult, he was declined a job, he was shunned, so he left but before that he looted the Armoury, taking a Plasma Rifle, Combat Knife, Ripper and Gatling Laser. For ten years he has wandered the Wastes and made his name known as the Lonely Hunter for his Ghoul and Human hunting and the fact he works alone. Afterwards, he found The Citadel, a safe haven for him. He discovered that this was something that accepted him, so he became their leader, making sure that all was safe, and followed the goal of this orginization. He is now taking Enclave Armour from that orginizations bodies that they shoot down.

Preferred Weapons: Plasma Rifle and Ripper

Preferred Armor: Stolen Enclave Power Armour

Motto: ( None )
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Matthew Vegras (Hunter) UPDATED
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