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 Adam (Sniper, Wasteland Wanderer)

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PostSubject: Adam (Sniper, Wasteland Wanderer)   06/10/09, 09:45 pm

IC Info

Name: Adam. He doesn't use a last name.
Age: 24
Height: 5'8
Weight: 170 lbs. He has thin arms but his legs are built from constantly crouching/ walking.
Hair: He's a premature gray - his entire head is practically silver except for a few dirty blonde strands. His hair is in loose, wavy curls and is cut above his ears.
Eyes: A watery blue
Skin: Lightly tanned
Race: Human
Top Three Skills: Sneak, small guns, and repair would be his 'tag' skills. His three worse skills are speech, unarmed, and melee.

Hometown/Origins: He was raised by two scavengers who had the ill-fortune to fall in love and have a child in the brutal wastes. He spent most of his childhood in the subways, not knowing what exactly was above his head.
Current Residence: He's a wanderer now, though he one day hopes to live in Megaton.
Employment/Hobbies: Adam likes to shoot things, not get mauled to death, and repair guns and armor. He makes a living wandering around from town to town and offering his repairs for a fair price.
Companion: None, they would interfere with his sneaking.

Personality: Adam's traumatizing and frightening childhood took a toll on his psyche. He is paranoid and nervous, always licking his lips and looking cautious. He trusts very few, though when he does he clings to them like saran wrap. He is quiet, almost to the point of being shy, but he would not bat an eye at gutting a man if need be. He is incredibly sneaky, though never malignantly so. Adam does not steal, and would prefer to make his living decently by providing his ample repair skill.

He is a terrible, terrible speaker. He is has no social skills whatsoever and has been known to trail off randomly, stutter, and generally avoid eye contact. Some call him creepy, others say he's just a shy, awkward boy. Conversations daunt him. He is very patient, however, and can sit hours at a time waiting to shoot a raider so he can in turn scavenge his hideout.

He has an odd preoccupation with ghouls, probably because of almost dying to a few in the subway tunnels, and the fact that he's obsessed with death doesn't hurt either. He empathizes with them and most of the time would rather hang around in the Underworld than any other place in the wastes. However, he would not want to become one himself unlike those Atom weirdos.

History: Adam grew up in the subways of the D.C. metro. He was amazingly oblivious to the world outside. His scavenger parents strove to protect and coddle him as much as possible even as they killed raiders and feral ghouls outside of their piece of junk house they called 'home'. Because of the lack of outside contact, at a young age he learned to fix needed things and how to properly shoot a gun in case of emergencies. At the age of 15, Adam was growing rambunctious and moody, as all teenagers are want to do, and decided that he would disobey and try and see what was out there. It was a horrible idea. He was nearly killed by a glowing one before he even got out of the subway and his father was killed in the process of saving him. After the traumatizing ordeal his mother kept him cooped back up into their safe house, and Adam was more than happy to stay there after seeing what he thought was the 'outside'. He would have stayed there forever had not his mother died of some unknown sickness.

Preferred Weapons: Sniper rifle. Adam is absolutely terrible at everything else but he has a dead eye for the rifle. He owns a combat knife for those 'just in case' moments, but he would be better off with a toothpick.

Preferred Armor: His own proud creation, it's a Chinese jumpsuit reinforced with pieces from leather and metal armor. On the front is a small inset box, where a stealth boy can fit. It works like a stealth suit in that when he needs to, he can become invisible, and then turn that invisibility off and conserve the rest of the stealth boy.

Motto: "You're never truly alone- you can't ever be careful enough."
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Adam (Sniper, Wasteland Wanderer)
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