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 Outside the Museum of History

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PostSubject: Outside the Museum of History   07/10/09, 10:31 pm

Adam sat on the wall to the entrance of the busted up metro, looking gloomily out towards the mall. The sun was starting to set over the ruined buildings. There was nothing prettier than a sunset over the Mall, where the highly irradiated water reflected the light off the miniguns of angry super mutants and Brotherhood of Steel paladins. Usually he wouldn't feel safe enough to enjoy it, even he was sitting with a dozen Brothers at the top of the Washington Monument. But tucked in this nook, he felt oddly at peace.

The super mutants didn't bother with the ghouls. Ghouls couldn't be turned into super mutants no matter the amount of FEV, and they probably did not taste half as good as a normal human. Willow was the sentry, though it was more of her own taking on then anybody else. Cerberus was extremely skilled at destroying any and all threats, and the large doors into Underworld could be locked and double bolted. Supposedly Winthrop was even trying to figure out a way to call in the ferals from the belly of the museum to eliminate any threats. Any human threats. That was what Willow was patrolling for- not mutants, but humans.

"Hey tourist," Willow called, walking up behind Adam. He glanced behind his shoulder at her, smiling meekly. She peered interestedly where she perceived he had been staring, furrowing what was left of her brows. "What're you looking at?"

Adam shook his head. "Just the sunset..." He mumbled, drawing his knees up and perching carefully on the wall. One wayward move and he could absolutely topple over into the rubble and junk that blocked the metro. "Who... who causes you the most problem out here, Willow?"

Her eyes thinned as she spoke, a smile creeping on her face from the irony. "Tourists."

Adam smiled himself. "Mm. Smoothskins.."

"Yeah. Smoothskins." She nodded, before turning to resume her patrol. "Don't worry about it, kid. We're used to it by now." She stopped mid-step, snorting. "I mean, no matter where you go, they hate you. Just left of here, those other assholes will shoot at your heels." Somewhere in the distance gun shots started to ring. "Go to Rivet City and they won't even put down the bridge. Megaton doesn't like anybody other than assholes from Megaton. And recently I heard those fancy bastards at Tenpenny Tower have been denying paying ghouls the right to get their own room."

Adam stared out at the sunset. "Yeah." He sighed. "Wish I could help. Somethin'." He could hear Willow resume her walk, shoes clicking against the hard ground. There was a guttural noise and suddenly the distant sound of rounds being fired ceased.

"Me too, tourist. Me too."

((OOC: This is open to anyone, I just found this picture on the Fallout wiki and had to find an excuse to use it. ))
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Outside the Museum of History
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