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 Looking for Any RP

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Looking for Any RP Empty
PostSubject: Looking for Any RP   Looking for Any RP Empty12/10/09, 09:50 pm

I get bored really easily, and these boards are kinda slow. :V So, I was wondering if anyone would be up for a 1 on 1 fallout roleplay?

I can play Adam (My OC), Charon, or Gob as my main character and an assorted amount of NPCs if the need arises. I can roleplay more adult themes, but of course, don't have to. I tend to roleplay realistically, so if I'm roleplaying a ghoul please don't expect me to write Charon out like he has billowing hair and rides a stallion throughout the wastes. (Though, admit it, that would be pretty damn awesome if he did.) I like Ghoul / Human pairings. :B

I'll pretty much roleplay with anyone, but I would like at least a one paragraph minimum, though I wont be counting sentences if you write beautifully in under that.

I have gmail (swankyschweine@gmail.com), AIM (derbyharrington) and Steam (benrama). It's probably easier to reach me by Steam, though shooting me an email will work too.
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Looking for Any RP
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