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 Eris and Fallen (Ghoul Companion)

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Eris and Fallen
Wasteland Wanderer
Eris and Fallen

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Eris and Fallen (Ghoul Companion)   13/02/10, 03:45 pm

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Sapphire Tomoe
Live Journal: This is the only LJ I am in...
Also Plays: Does Fallen Count....even though he is a companion?

IC Info

Name: Eris
Age: 24
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: 1/2Caucasian 1/2Asian
Race: Humans
Top Three Skills: Melee, Small Arms, Science

Hometown/Origins: Capital Wasteland, Never had a real home town.
Current Residence: Capital Wasteland
Employment/Hobbies: Mercenary

Personality: Eris is not a very nice person on the outside. It takes a quiet a bit of digging and trust for her to have a civil conversation with a person. She usual just keeps to herself, and if she does talk she swears and chews people out. She is a drug addict and chain smoker. Though she does not show it on the outside she really does care about people a lot, she just chooses to keep people at a distance because she believes that everyone she gets close to will die, and she doesn't want to the live with the pain.

History: Eris was born out in the wasteland before she could even remember her mother and father had been killed by the Brotherhood on accident. She was taken care of by her older sister and they traveled the wasteland, her sister often times selling her body to make ends meet so little Eris would have food. Eris loved her sister very dearly and as they got older Eris learned well from her sister how to use a gun. They met a mercenary named Murphy who helped they kids out and decided to help them make a home for themselves. This man Eris eventually started to call father, seeing as she had never known her own father. The three started up a group of mercenaries and ex-raiders to make their own little town, so that those who were willing could try and find their own little piece of "heaven" on earth. Though they didn't have much to start out with it was mostly people with children that sought out shelter and a home from the harshness of the wasteland. It was three years of of good running with her small family, until one day while out on a run for supplies in their ever growing community, Eris sister was taken down by a large group of feral ghouls. Eris was only fifteen years old when she watched her sister get torn apart by the ghoul in the metro tunnels. She remembers being carried away by Murphy while struggling to try and go back for her already dead sibling. It was at the point in time that Eris vowed to never leave a man behind again. She went back later to grab the remain of her sister and started a small graveyard in their small community.

Eris walked for days after the death of her sister, she walked and kept walking day in and day out until her feet began to blister. She had walked until she ran into a ghoul named Desmond Lockheart, at this point in time Desmond was on his way to a place called Point Lookout to find one of his rivals. He had not notice the girl at first until she began firing at him. After the gun fight, Desmond, instead of killing her, spared her, but broke in her right knee so that she would never forget the lessons he was going to teach her. She was one of the only people he had met out int he wasteland that could even remotely take him down and he could see the potential, he taught her everything he knew about science, medicine and armed combat. Desmond had been trailed by a fellow ghoul who had been expelled by Common Wealth. Eris hit it off with the ghoul and eventually deserted Desmond to return to her home with her new friend, Apollo. Apollo worked day in and day out with Eris scouting and scavenging to keep the town safe. He came up with the idea of a comity which was comprised of Eris, himself, Murphy and a few others from the community that had valuable skills as leaders. Things were beautiful and Eris and Apollo soon married when Eris turned seventeen. Eris loved the ghoul more than anyone, but he was killed a year later after going out on his own to find medicine by roving Enclave soldiers.

By this point Eris had grown cold and blamed herself for his death and that of her sister. She sought out Desmond once again who was not thrilled to see her, especially with the news that his partner had been killed on her account. She did what she could to regain Desmonds trust. It was a painful trial but she made it out alive. She stayed with Desmond this time until he dismissed her. Now she was fully trained in Medicine and Science. She could go home and this time make sure everyone that she had left that was close would be safe and out of harms way.

Years came and went as Eris began to shut herself out from emotional contact with people. She was cruel and demanding. On the word of intruders on the territory she order her men to go out and shoot anyone and everyone they saw on the premises regardless of who they were. In this wave of attacks she shot and killed Fallen's master Ava Grimshaw. Upon the death of his former master she took control of the contact and now owns him. She eventually left the group to seclude herself out in the wasteland and that is where she is now with her new slave Fallen.

Preferred Weapon: .44 Scoped Magnum, Combat Shotgun and Frag Grenades

Preferred Armor: Merc Adventurer

Motto: What? Have you never met the boogman before? Cause your lookin' right at her.

Name: Fallen
Age: Approximately 60 years old
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Well whats left is brown... :/
Eyes: Lavender
Skin: Caucasian
Race: Ghoul
Top Three Skills: Big Guns, Melee Weapons, Explosives

Hometown/Origins: Somewhere in the Capital Wasteland
Current Residence: Anywhere Eris is.
Employment/Hobbies: Slaved Contract to Eris

Personality: He absolutely despises Eris, but does what she says, even though he can be a bit mouthy to her, she is fine with it. He is usually quiet, unless the situation calls for a mediator, which is usually when Eris is causing problems for people. He is fairly easy to get along with and tries not to be rude to anyone.

History: He wasn't always a ghoul, he actually became a ghoul only about 40 years ago. He was born in the capital wasteland, but when he started becoming a ghoul his friends and family shunned him and he went south to Virginia where he became a slave. Though he was slaved he stayed himself, his slaver never actually conditioned the slaves at the camp; he was in it for the money only. His previous own wanted to get rid of him badly because of his mouth and smart ass remarks so taking the opportunity to sell him to Ava when she was heading to the Capital Wasteland in need of some protection. Ava began making a cure for his ghoulism but as the cure became more refined her body began to wilt and as her last act, she tries to make it across the wasteland to the common wealth to find someone to help her. While they traveled Ava was gunned down by Eris and Fallen was taken as her slave.

Preferred Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Frag Grenades.

Preferred Armor: Altered Merc Cruiser Outfit

Motto: Shoot 'em in the head to make sure they're dead!

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Companion Introduction   10/07/10, 03:39 pm

Ava knew the journey was going to be hard, hell it was hard just making it here all the way from Fredericksburg, VA. She dragged the body of a dead Mister Gutsy robot behind her in the darkness as she came up on lights that where in the distance. She hoped to get some supplies for her deceased robot friend. She was coming ever so close to the area to see it's fenced in sides looking at her, the distance wasn't far now she just hoped she had enough caps to spare for the repairs. As she neared the entrance the flood lights blinded her as a man's voice called from with in, "All right you F***ing zombie scum! Help the Lady out! NOW!"

Two creatures came forth from the blinding light beyond her field of view, the mere sight astounded her, Oh God... what are these poor creatures! She thought as they picked up the dead Gutsy robot from her feet, one was large and tall, it looked her straight in the eyes with a immense hatred as it helped the other carry the skeletal robot into the perimeter of the compound.

"Well s**t girl are you going to just stand there gawking all day! Or are you going to come inside before you a Yai Guai Food?" the man's voice came again. She walked into the blinding light and on the other side were rows of fencing with people, and those... things inside. Looking around she could see the people busy and rushing from one place to the next shouting orders to the "things". "So your a Vault kid, nice..." the man said looking her up and down, "this will be easy" he mumbled to himself. "It appears you are in some need of protection seeing as how your robot is destroyed... I can propose an offer that you definitely can't refuse it you want to survive." he spoke coyly at her.

She stood there for a moment, "What if I were to say no?" she asked him cautiously.

The man smirked at her, "Well... you really don't want to find out do you?" he looked at her and his grin got bigger, "You give me the robot for spare parts and everything you have on your person and I will trade you one of my slaves... of my choice." he held a hand out wait for her to accept the deal.

"So..." she said softly, "If I take a slave you will let me walk away? I personally don't feel right about this but I guess its the only option I have left if I want to stay alive." she took her gun out and handed it too him, along with the various medical supplies she had in her utility belt.

"Great, it's done then, a deal is a deal. Here is the contract to one of my finest ghouls!" he handed her a rolled up piece of paper.

She took the paper hesitantly and read it aloud to herself "The holder of this document is the sole owner of the property named here: Fallen, Under contract the property must function and follow and request the contract holder has. Executing immense physical violence to the property voids this contract."

The ghouls standing off to the right raised his head quickly, she realized it was the same ghoul that had stared her in the face not long ago. "You want me to go with her! You could have given her Bartand or Grevel!" the ghoul spoke in a surprising raspy voice.

"Why you!" the man shouted raising his hand to the ghoul.

"Oh No You Don't!" she shouted surprising the both of them, "He is my property now, you have no power here!" the man lowered his hand and back away from the ghoul, "Fallen, you come here!" she said in a raised tone to the ghoul. As she commanded he came to her with his head down. "I bid you farewell," she nodded slightly at the man and headed out of the encampment with Fallen close at hand.

"So..." she said to him in a softer tone, "What exactly are you?" she asked him slowing her pace.

"I'm a ghoul... more specifically human..." he replied slowly to her, the hate in his voice was prominent.

"Human!" she whirled around and walked up to him, she grabbed his arm and began feeling for the artery in his elbow. She carefully took a pulse rate, then lifted his shirt and felt his stomach. She took note of the scorch marks on his skin, and leaned away for a moment. "These are radiation burns... and they are highly infected... you poor people!" she said sadly, "can you feel well on the surface of your skin?" she asked pinching his side lightly where the burn wasn't.

"Of course I can!" he shouted to down at her, "I'm not dead!"

"Well geeze, hey if you stay with me I promise I will work to the ends of my life to find a way to help you, I promise." she looked up to him smiling.

She was definitely different from most people he had encountered, instead of hating and fearing she was seemingly fine with his stigma. She couldn't possibly be that kind or naive, but then again she seemed to know what she was doing searching him all over continuously. Perhaps this wasn't going to be as horrible as he thought, this could be as close to freedom as he would ever taste again...
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Eris and Fallen
Wasteland Wanderer
Eris and Fallen

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Lead Character Introduction.   10/07/10, 11:15 pm

(( Copy and Pasted from my fanfic on FanFic.net))

Fallen helped her change into her lab coat and pants. Her body was much thinner and frail then it had been before. Her Pip-Boy hung loosely on her arm, her breast had turned into nothing and every bone in her body had become very visible. She hadn't eating and kept it down in so long, he knew at this point that Ava was not going to last long at all.

The journey ahead was going to be hard, and he knew it better than anyone. They set out in a Northern direction across the wasteland in hopes to find somewhere that would take them in.

They had made it past the Power Station and he could see the Brotherhood coming up on horizon to the east. It was too late to get her out of the area; there was nothing that he could do. Fallen looked back in the direction of the Power Station, it was a dot in the distance now. He could then see other people in dark armor coming up from the North-North West, and his heart sank hard, he looked down at Ava and he could see that she was still so sick. "I'm sorry," he said to her as he hugged her tight.

"Well…." She struggled to speak, "I might as well just give myself to the Brotherhood, let's face it, it's not like I am going to live long anyways at this point" She broke away from him and began walking in the direction of the Brotherhood.

The gun was fired once and that was all it took to make his dreams come crashing down around him. No cure. No Hope, just death.

"For man had succeeded in destroying the world, but war... war never changes."

--------------------------End Book One------------------------------------------------
-------------------------Begin Book Two-----------------------------------------------

"Hey, get your ass over there and grab that fucking body. Give me that fucking contract! I said give it to me! Take that fucking zombie brain, fucking maggot infested hole back to base!" The woman was screaming at her men as they hurried around under the fire of the bullets. She had his contract in her hands now. Oh god this was going to be horrible and Fallen could feel it. He looked back at Ava's body laying on the ground with the blood ring around her turning her soft white hair to a pinkish red color. He started to weep for her, he was a father, a mentor, he was her protector and he had failed. The men were pushing him along as they lifted her lifeless body from the ground.

The woman ran up beside him waving the paper in front of him, "You see this, you fucking shit hole! Your mine now just like the rest of these bastards you answer to me," she pointed to herself with her thumb. "You will from now on eat when I tell you to eat, sleep when I tell you to sleep and you best not fucking eat until I eat! When I say jump you ask 'How fucking High?' You following me zombie scum bag?" she screamed over the sound of bullet and grenades. Fallen was listening to her distantly as he tried his hardest not to cry anymore.

She got ahead of the seven men that were leading him away from the battle zone. Her black armor was familiar in a way to him. She had a large crest painted across her back; it was a crown with the letter ERIS painted in bold. They all said something different and he made the connection that it was their names. He was trying to the place where he had seen similar armor years ago, keeping his mind from Ava. It came to him a hit him hard, Reilly's Rangers! These people weren't rangers that was for sure, Reilly's Rangers wouldn't have killed an innocent young girl trying to help out ghouls.

They walked for what seemed like miles before coming upon a small village surrounded by barbed wire and metal fencing. She turned around to face them as she walked backward shouting orders as they entered the village. "You," she pointed to one man, "Secure the gate! You," she pointed to the man holding Ava's body. "Give the girl a nice burial, but get the Pip-Boy off her. I want to know who she was and what she was doing in the middle of the battle field. Zombie fuck and the rest of you follow me into the common house I need a fucking meeting with you all!" she walked to the far end of the small village.

There were where four small houses with a larger two story house and the end in the middle of both rows. She walked up the large house and went in slamming the door behind her making the windows shake. "Shit… what the fuck did we do this time?" the black man standing on the right of Fallen said to himself and the rest of the group.

"Lets bring this poor fuck to his girl and at least say some words, man." A man behind Fallen put in with a sad under ton, "Boss will understand completely… I mean look at her sister, man…"

"Dawson! Enough…" the black man said, "No need to bring the moment down any further. Bring him there and I will meet with Boss, bring Ricco with you. I will take Morcus and Bings with me to meet Boss."

"Yes Sir!" Dawson said taking Fallen and leading him to a small burial area with wooden crosses sticking out of the ground. A fresh hole was already dug in the ground for the young woman that Fallen had cared for so much. He ran to her stiff body taking her up into his arms and her hair pulled into his face as he sobbed into her. He sobbed for a couple minutes petting her as he felt a hand on him.

"It's all right, man." Ricco said to him. Fallen looked up to notice they all had their helmets off and over their hearts with their heads hanging low. Fallen pulled the Pip-Boy off her thin wrist over her stiff hand. He laid Ava in the hole that was meant for her, just as he had once watched her do to her fallen friend when they first met. He stood tall and watched them burry her, and one started singing a song about her finding her light and peace in the afterlife. It only lasted a few minutes but it seemed like it lasted a life time.

Ricco and Dawson led Fallen away from the grave site and into the large house. They hung their heads as they entered into the house. They went straight into the dining room, where the boss was sitting with her helmet off on the table and her elbows sitting on the surface of the table propping her head up at the forehead. "Now that we are all fucking here!" she screamed down at the table, "Would someone mind fucking telling me what the Brotherhood is doing in my territory!" She stood quickly jarring the table slightly forward making the men jump slightly back, long dark hair hung loose from her bun and some sweep across her face. Her eyes were a deep blue and they were heavily dilated in anger.

"Eris, you have to understand…"

She cut him short, "Don't give me your fucking shit Murphy!" she said slamming her hands down on the table. Her arms were strong but slender as she shook the floor with the force, the veins in her neck showing and her face turning red. She turned to the wall ripping a large map of the DC and the surrounding wastelands from the wall. She slammed it down on the table for them to see, she put her finger down in the center if a red circle. "You guys know what this is? You do! This is mine, my fucking home, my fucking frontier! What the fuck are the Brotherhood of God Damn Fucking Steel doing on my property!" she yelled flipping the table over causing the map and her helmet to fly through the air. "You want to go back to being raiders without a way to survive out there. Cause you can all get the fuck out or give me some straight answers." She said angrily pointing at the door.

"The Brotherhood isn't based in the territory. They were going after a woman helping ghouls find a cure for the ghoulism, Ma'am." Murphy told her stepping forward to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Eris and Fallen (Ghoul Companion)   

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Eris and Fallen (Ghoul Companion)
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