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 Perhaps a Taste of Freedom? (Private)(Companion Introduction)

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Perhaps a Taste of Freedom? (Private)(Companion Introduction) Empty
PostSubject: Perhaps a Taste of Freedom? (Private)(Companion Introduction)   Perhaps a Taste of Freedom? (Private)(Companion Introduction) Empty14/02/10, 11:55 am

Ava knew the journey was going to be hard, hell it was hard just making it here all the way from Fredericksburg, VA. She dragged the body of a dead Mister Gutsy robot behind her in the darkness as she came up on lights that where in the distance. She hoped to get some supplies for her deceased robot friend. She was coming ever so close to the area to see it's fenced in sides looking at her, the distance wasn't far now she just hoped she had enough caps to spare for the repairs. As she neared the entrance the flood lights blinded her as a man's voice called from with in, "All right you F***ing zombie scum! Help the Lady out! NOW!"

Two creatures came forth from the blinding light beyond her field of view, the mere sight astounded her, Oh God... what are these poor creatures! She thought as they picked up the dead Gutsy robot from her feet, one was large and tall, it looked her straight in the eyes with a immense hatred as it helped the other carry the skeletal robot into the perimeter of the compound.

"Well s**t girl are you going to just stand there gawking all day! Or are you going to come inside before you a Yai Guai Food?" the man's voice came again. She walked into the blinding light and on the other side were rows of fencing with people, and those... things inside. Looking around she could see the people busy and rushing from one place to the next shouting orders to the "things". "So your a Vault kid, nice..." the man said looking her up and down, "this will be easy" he mumbled to himself. "It appears you are in some need of protection seeing as how your robot is destroyed... I can propose an offer that you definitely can't refuse it you want to survive." he spoke coyly at her.

She stood there for a moment, "What if I were to say no?" she asked him cautiously.

The man smirked at her, "Well... you really don't want to find out do you?" he looked at her and his grin got bigger, "You give me the robot for spare parts and everything you have on your person and I will trade you one of my slaves... of my choice." he held a hand out wait for her to accept the deal.

"So..." she said softly, "If I take a slave you will let me walk away? I personally don't feel right about this but I guess its the only option I have left if I want to stay alive." she took her gun out and handed it too him, along with the various medical supplies she had in her utility belt.

"Great, it's done then, a deal is a deal. Here is the contract to one of my finest ghouls!" he handed her a rolled up piece of paper.

She took the paper hesitantly and read it aloud to herself "The holder of this document is the sole owner of the property named here: Fallen, Under contract the property must function and follow and request the contract holder has. Executing immense physical violence to the property voids this contract."

The ghouls standing off to the right raised his head quickly, she realized it was the same ghoul that had stared her in the face not long ago. "You want me to go with her! You could have given her Bartand or Grevel!" the ghoul spoke in a surprising raspy voice.

"Why you!" the man shouted raising his hand to the ghoul.

"Oh No You Don't!" she shouted surprising the both of them, "He is my property now, you have no power here!" the man lowered his hand and back away from the ghoul, "Fallen, you come here!" she said in a raised tone to the ghoul. As she commanded he came to her with his head down. "I bid you farewell," she nodded slightly at the man and headed out of the encampment with Fallen close at hand.

"So..." she said to him in a softer tone, "What exactly are you?" she asked him slowing her pace.

"I'm a ghoul... more specifically human..." he replied slowly to her, the hate in his voice was prominent.

"Human!" she whirled around and walked up to him, she grabbed his arm and began feeling for the artery in his elbow. She carefully took a pulse rate, then lifted his shirt and felt his stomach. She took note of the scorch marks on his skin, and leaned away for a moment. "These are radiation burns... and they are highly infected... you poor people!" she said sadly, "can you feel well on the surface of your skin?" she asked pinching his side lightly where the burn wasn't.

"Of course I can!" he shouted to down at her, "I'm not dead!"

"Well geeze, hey if you stay with me I promise I will work to the ends of my life to find a way to help you, I promise." she looked up to him smiling.

She was definitely different from most people he had encountered, instead of hating and fearing she was seemingly fine with his stigma. She couldn't possibly be that kind or naive, but then again she seemed to know what she was doing searching him all over continuously. Perhaps this wasn't going to be as horrible as he thought, this could be as close to freedom as he would ever taste again...
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Perhaps a Taste of Freedom? (Private)(Companion Introduction)
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