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 Phoenix Doncar

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Phoenix and Styx

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PostSubject: Phoenix Doncar   17/02/10, 02:02 am

IC Info

Name: Phoenix Doncar
Age: 22
Height: 5 ft 10
Weight: 150
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: Pale
Race: Human
Top Three Skills: Small Guns, Science, Repair

Hometown/Origins: Abandoned Car Fort is the birth place of this wastelander. Phoenix's parents were two escaped paradise falls slaves, they escaped with 5 other slaves to build the fort. 8 years after Phoenix's birth slavers came to reclaim the runaway slaves which resulted in the deaths of all the slaves but Phoenix and another slave named May (who was at the age of 7 at the time) due to the escape plan that the two memories for such an occasion. Not knowing of the children the slavers left the area leaving Phoenix and May alone. Years passed as Phoenix and May survived in the waste with help from the hidden provisions that their parents left, which included Phoenix's father's combat knife which has never left Phoenix. when Phoenix was around the age of 16 Mirelurks began to nest under the Bridge of the fort. luckily for Phoenix and May this Mirelurks looked out for the two orphans like one of their own as when Raiders came to claim the fort. Years went by as the two continued to scavenge corpse of those unfortunate to die near by from raiders or the Mirelurks. Soon they had a cache of weapons, ammo, food, and the two learned certain skills thanks to the books some of the people were carrying. As soon as Phoenix turned 20 he vowed to himself to put May in a safer place as the attacks from the Deathclaws from across the river started to become more frequent as well as the raider ambushes. So the two set out to travel the waste for a safer place in what has become hell on earth.

Current Residence: Abandon car fort

Employment/Hobbies: Mics employment; Tinkering, shooting, and exploring

Companion: Styx

Phoenix is some what of a smart ass who seems to daydream a lot but he will become serious when the situation calls for it. He has a great compassion for those that deserve it, as well as going out of his way for others if it seems right.

Preferred Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Chinese Assault Rifle, Silenced 10mm Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Chinese Sword, and Combat knife

Preferred Armor:
Merc Troblemaker Outfit and Roving Trader Hat (Currently wearing Merc Grunt outfit and a Pre-war baseball cap).

Motto: "Poi s'ascose nel foco che gli affina" a line from the Poem The Waste Land by T.S. Elliot which means "Then hid him in the fire that purifies them".

Name: Styx
Age: unknown
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 190
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Race: Ghoul
Top Three Skills: Melee, Science, repair

Hometown/Origins: Once a free roaming ghoul, turned slave by slavers from paradise falls. Styx never harbored hatred for the slavers, at least not openly, he understood that it was what some people had to do to survive out in the waste. Though he didn't like the way they treated him or the other slaves, which was something he reminded the slavers everyday he was held there. Styx giving lectures to the slavers never went over to well because he would be immediately beaten and verbally abused every time he spoke out. One day a couple of new slaves were brought in Phoenix's and May's parents. Styx made quick friends with them and made their life a little more bearable in paradise falls as a slave. Styx finally agreed to join them in their quest to get out of Paradise falls because he knew they would need him. Years passed after their successful escape. Phoenix and May were born, and things started to seem well for the exslaves. Styx taught Phoenix and May valuable lesson about the waste and survival, but sadly this all came to an end when the slavers found their hideout in the abandoned car fort. Phoenix's as well as May's parents met their unfortunate and untimely demise and Styx was carried away back to Paradise falls. He spent many years being Paradise fall's main mechanic til the day Phoenix came back and saved Styx.

Current Residence: Abandon car fort

Employment/Hobbies: Mics employment; Master Mechanic

Companion: Phoenix

Styx is a cheerful but strong individual that goes along for the ride and provides everyone with alternatives and moral choices

Preferred Weapons: Combat Shotgun and dual machetes

Last edited by Phoenix and Styx on 17/07/10, 11:46 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Adding Styx as a companion)
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Eris and Fallen
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Eris and Fallen

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Doncar   17/02/10, 03:31 pm

YAY! You should do that Same thing for you companion that I did so people know a little more about her Take a look at my thing.
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Phoenix Doncar
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