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 To be abandoned (Abandoned Car Fort)

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Phoenix and Styx

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PostSubject: To be abandoned (Abandoned Car Fort)   21/02/10, 02:43 am

(first post, just trying to get a hold of how to do this. Sorry for any misspells or typos. I'm not the best speller in the world.)

The sun beats down directly overhead awaking Phoenix out of his heavy slumber.

"Ahhh..." Phoenix groaned as he sat up rubbing his eyes intently as to rub the tiredness out of them. He squinted as he peered around, he could see May standing about 5 feet away quietly staring off into the horizon through the cars that were stack on top of each other right next to him. Not too surprised Phoenix pulled himself up with the help of the car door handle next to his mattress. He yawned and turned to May as he started to stretch.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Phoenix said sluggishly. "It's about Noon, I didn't need a tan" he chuckled. May just kept looking as though nothing happened even when Phoenix stood in front of her and waved his hand in an attempt to get her attention. It was to no avail, May has always done this sort of thing, it was like she was a robot at times like she had no emotion. Phoenix did all he could to snap her out of it but he always figured she became this way due to the sight of her parents death by the slavers. The sight and sounds of that night would haunt them forever.

"Well today's the day" Phoenix said cheerfully as he readied the makeshift bags filled with supplies. "It's time to find us a better place to live, we'll try that Megaton place that our parents kept telling us about." He pocketed some boxes of 10mm bullets, a handful of .32's, and six shotgun shells. "Is there anything you want to bring with you?" May finally looked at Phoenix then abruptly turned around and headed into one of the cars to come back with a patched up backpack on her back. At that time Phoenix had shouldered a hunting rifle, a 10mm pistol and attached a saw-off shotgun to his own patched up backpack. "Good!" Phoenix said with a smile. "We are just about ready." He took what he could hold and they both started out. They left what they couldn't carry at the fort and some ammo in the ammo crates and other supplies left in metal crates.

Even before they could get passed the first stack of cars Phoenix stopped quickly went back into the fort and came back holding a combat knife as he carefully slide in into the holster on the strap of his backpack. "I don't believe I almost forgot this" he said in a low tone as he walked up to May who was staring at him with the most glassy brown eyes. Phoenix shuttered a little but quickly shrugged it off. It was nothing really new, and he figured maybe getting away from the fort will allow May to open up and be a little more normal.

The two left south off the bridge, Phoenix could see their friendly Mirelurks below keeping up with them every time they walked on the planks connecting parts of the bridge together. As they started to reach the end of the bridge the Mirelurks stopped and stood staring at the two as if to say good bye. "See ya guys." Phoenix said quietly to himself. "Okay May, we have to be careful here there are some raiders right up ahead here near those trucks. Try not to make a sound." he said, he chuckled lightly to himself looking over at May to noticed that she had a irritated look on her face as well as a raised eyebrow. Phoenix just smirked as they both sneaked by the Five Axles Rest Stop undetected.
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To be abandoned (Abandoned Car Fort)
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