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 The Road to safety - Breaking point (combat heavy)(MDPL Mass Relay Station)

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Phoenix and Styx

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PostSubject: The Road to safety - Breaking point (combat heavy)(MDPL Mass Relay Station)   28/02/10, 10:30 pm

(continue from Here)

Phoenix and May having successfully sneaked past the raiders at the Five Axel Rest Stop finally came upon the MDPL Mass Relay Station. "So good so far huh May?" Phoenix said looking ahead. May kept her eyes leveled with the horizon, with no acknowledgment for what Phoenix had said. "May, you make the best traveling companion ever you know that?" Phoenix huffed.

Phoenix turned his upper body sideways looking at May as they walked "You know I didn't mean any harm by that..." May reach over and grabbed Phoenix's strap and then stopped pulling Phoenix to a halt. "Whoa, what the?! What's wrong May?" Phoenix said trying to keep his balance. May pointed off to the distance at the MDPL Mass Relay Station. Phoenix peered at the station seeing a raider moving around. "Oh, shit! Well we are not going there either, thanks May that wasn't going to be too pleasant."

(OOC: umm, just realized I need to do a bit more research before finishing this post, will be edited at a later date, sorry. Embarassed )
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The Road to safety - Breaking point (combat heavy)(MDPL Mass Relay Station)
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