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 Garret Bourne

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Garret Bourne
Garret Bourne

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PostSubject: Garret Bourne   10/07/10, 10:03 am

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Stephen
Also Plays: Kincaide

IC Info

Name: Garret Bourne
Age: 38
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Caucasian, tanned and weathered though, he looks older
Race: Human
Top Three Skills: Medicine, Melee, Stealth

Hometown/Origins: Lost Hills
Current Residence: Transient, he's too busy to settle down
Employment/Hobbies: Hunting slavers, tracking down his family
Companion: Steak, a big ol' shaggy dog

Personality: Until the slavers, Garret was cheerful, always ready with a smile and a joke. Now he's withdrawn, quiet, and ruthless. He still lends a helping hand whenever he can, but his disposition is entirely different. He gives off a predatory vibe, which causes gentler folk to be wary of him. That said, he's quite nice and a skilled doctor. Recently, the only smiles he's given out are to Steak and some children he's doctored.

He has always gotten along well with animals, from brahim on up, and they get along with him. The predator vibe only unsettles people it seems, not animals.

History: Born straight into the west coast Brotherhood of Steel, Garret was raised and trained to be the best he could be. He was a firm supporter of Owyn Lyons, but was deemed to young to accompany the expedition to the Pentagon (he was only 14 at the time). Angered by the decision and reckless in his youth, he ran away from the bunker. He almost died out in the wastes, but was rescued by a NCR Ranger, a handlebar moustached fellow named Richard. Richard took Garret in, and raised him as his own. At seventeen, Garret enlisted in the NCR's army, and trained to be a field medic. He continued to advanced even further along that line then needed, eventually becoming a fully trained surgeon. Garret also trained as a scout, becoming highly proficient in stealth, infiltration and close combat (though he specialized in bladed weapons).

At twenty two, he married a merchant's daughter named Addyson, a round faced, honey blonde, who always was smiling and had infectious laughter, which at the time, matched Garret to a tee. The couple had two children together, Gavin and Sasha.

Five years ago, while taking a site seeing trip, Garret's family was attacked by a band of slavers. Garret put up far more of a fight then they expected, taking down six of the ten slavers before a he was caught in a grenade blast. The blast tore him apart, and knocked him unconscious. The slavers then proceeded to capture his wife, son and daughter (who were (8 and 5, respectively). Garret lay bleeding on the ground for at least a few hours before Richard arrived out of nowhere, and hauled his dying body to the nearest doctor. Garret survived and recovered, though he was now scarred on his face, chest and left leg. His middle left toe was also gone.

Garret recovered with almost preternatural speed, and took off on the trail of the slavers, vowing to get his family back. As a going away gift, Richard provided him with a crimson handled katana. Garret accepted the gift, and has so far used it only on slavers. Then he went on the hunt.

His quest has taken him as far north as the Canadian Rockies, and through the Commonwealth, where he had some surgery done for a ridiculous fee. Two months ago, Garret saw a group of raiders attacking a small settlement on the horizon. He rushed to their aid, but the distance was too great. The raiders were already gone when he arrived, the settlement already sacked. Amongst the dead, Garret found a small girl wearing a slave collar, laying face down in the dirt, her blonde curls wet with blood. He reluctantly flipped the body over, only to discover that it was his own daughter.

Crushed, he burned the bodies, and tracked the raiders back to their camp, at which point he killed them in their sleep and fed their bodies to their guard dogs (who he bribed with molerat steaks!). One of the guard dogs followed him, a shaggy black and brown thing that's almost big enough to take down a yao guai. He seemed in excellent health for a raider's dog, and was quite cheery, so Garret named it Steak and kept the big fellow around.

Two weeks ago, Garret arrived in what counts as the Capital Wasteland. His family is supposedly being held at Paradise Falls, and he is going to need help getting them out. He also wants to check in on Elder Lyons, to reunite with some of his old companions.

Preferred Weapons: His katana (for slavers), otherwise a combat knife and a Colt .45, which he uses in tandem. Where the .45 ammo is harder to find in the Capital Wasteland, he has also started carrying a 10mm pistol, though he likes it less. He also carries suppressors for both pistols, to help with the quiet work. Garret also carries an assault rifle for straight up firefights, which he prefers to avoid.

Preferred Armor: Black Leather

Perks: Wired Reflexes, Animal Friend
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Garret Bourne
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