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 Caps Shop Ideas

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Cap'm Crunch
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PostSubject: Caps Shop Ideas   15/07/10, 01:28 pm

Hey all, i figured I'd try to suggest a few things for the caps shop. First off, lets put short descriptive lines after each item, you know, just a few words to describe what your getting and what effect they have in game.

something like this,

Perks Cost
Chem Resistant 10 Caps
By some quirk in your genetics, you are more resistant to drugs than normal.
Benefit: Your half as likely to become addicted to drugs as normal
Drawback: Drugs only last half as long on you

Rad Resistant 10 Caps
Your more resistant to radiation than normal.
Benefit: Boosts your natural radiation resistance by 25%, Stacks with that granted by any other means.
Drawback: None

Cyborg 20 Caps
you've replaced a portion of your internal organs and musculature with something more durable.
Benefit: Boosts your strength by 2 and your damage radiation and poison resistance by 10%
Drawback: Increases vulnerability to EMP damage by 10%

Cannibal 25 Caps
You must feed!
Benefit: You have the ability to eat and safely digest nearly anything in the wasteland.
Drawback: Your hunger is almost uncontrollable at times forcing you to feed on the nearest living thing.

Hematophage 30 Caps
"I am Dracula, and I bid you welcome . . . "
Benefit: You can survive by feeding on blood, additionally, if you have the cannibal perk you can stave off the hunger by feeding on a blood pack.
Drawback: It may make people freak out, also feeding on others without their permission may have adverse consequences.

Paralyzing Palm 40 Caps
the Vulcan Nerve Pinch
Benefit: While unarmed, you can make an attack that stuns your target for a short while.
Drawback:You must have at least one free hand.

Wired Reflexes 40 Caps
Replaces a portion of your nervous system with something that's a little faster.
Benefit: boosts your agility by 2 and your reaction time by 20%
Drawback: Increases EMP damage vulnerability by 10%

Tag! 50 Caps
Your it!
Benefit: Adds one additional tag skill to your list.

Animal Friend* 20 Caps
"Alrighty then."
Benefit: Causes wild animals (with the exception of Rad Scorpions and Deathclaws) to be neutral to your character.
Drawback: None

Animal Friend +** 10 Caps
That good ol' animal magnetism.
Benefit: Wild animals (with the exception of Rad Scorpions and Deathclaws) now come to your aid in combat.
Drawback: None

...you get the idea.

Next there's a few perks i would like to see put up.

Light Steps*
You are agile, lucky and always careful.
Benefit: Your able to move over unsteady or dangerous terrain more easily.

Light Steps**
You've learned where to place your feet.
Benefit: You can move over floor based traps and mines at full speed without setting them off.

Silent Running
"What was that?"
Benefit: You can move at full speed while sneaking.

....that's it for now i guess, if you have any comments or anything to add, don't hesitate to post Very Happy
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Isaac Horrigan
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Isaac Horrigan

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PostSubject: Re: Caps Shop Ideas   15/07/10, 05:08 pm

Keep in mind, people become immediately hostile to you in Fallout 3 if you're eating a person. Just sayin'.
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Eris and Fallen
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Eris and Fallen

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PostSubject: Re: Caps Shop Ideas   15/07/10, 06:56 pm

Nah they just try and give you hugs.... with their guns/knives.
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PostSubject: Re: Caps Shop Ideas   15/07/10, 08:54 pm

Great idea! Glee

I don't think I'll get a chance to change it around until at least the weekend but I definitely will. I was thinking about doing it before but it was when the forum first lost momentum so it never really got around to happening Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Caps Shop Ideas   

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Caps Shop Ideas
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