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 Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY)

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Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY) Empty
PostSubject: Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY)   Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY) Empty16/07/10, 08:01 pm

Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY) 9jk9y1

The Vertibird soared through the skies of the Capital Wasteland, containing six men plus the two pilots. Two men in Tesla armor, one man in Hellfire Armor, and three men in the Advance Power Mk. II. Six Plasma Rifles were mounted on the weapon rack, along with a few bandoliers of microfusion cells. A small box of plasma grenades rested at the feet of Captain Crunch in case things got messy.

Soon, they passed the city limits of the DC ruins, and the pilot pressed a button on the Vertibird radio. "Delta Phi to Adams, we are approaching the drop point, over." Responding through the radio was the voice of a woman. "Ten-four Delta Phi, patching you through to Overlord, stand by."

"Captain, this is Isaac," the Secretary's voice sounded through the speakers next. "I don't have much time to re-brief you, so, I'll make this quick. The pilot has been instructed to fly low to minimize chances of being detected by the Brotherhood's sensors. You'll be rappelling near the gate to the Arlington Cemetery, and then you're on your own. You are to avoid detection by the Brotherhood at all costs. We can't have the enemy intel falling into their hands. In the event you are detected, you have orders to shoot to kill before they report back to the Pentagon. We can't afford an all-out confrontation with those techno-worshiping freaks." Isaac paused slightly, to take a sip of his Nuka-Cola. "You have been requisitioned plasma rifles, rippers, and plasma grenades. Due to the close quarters, we decided not to give you heavy weapons. I'm sure you'll understand. Remember: Disable the signal, and bring back any Commie intel you can find: Including their commanding officer, if at all possible. Meet back at the cemetery for extraction. Kick commie asses, Crunch. Over and out."

As if on cue, the Vertibird began it's descent after crossing over the cemetery. The pilot turned back to Crunch and his men; the other five Enclave soldiers grabbed their plasma rifles, and fastened their bandoliers, rippers, and grenades. "Make us proud, Bravo Team. We're Oscar Mike." The doors opened, and the men attached their rappel cords, dropping down to the ground below.
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Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY)   Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY) Empty16/07/10, 09:15 pm

The squad hit the ground and fanned out. After securing the landing zone, Crunch signaled his men to regroup. "Alright now, try to keep three things in mind. One, lets keep quiet. Radio contact is emergency only, verbal to a minimum, use hand signals for communication whenever possible. Two, despite all the fancy equipment they gave us, lets try to keep this closeup and personal whale out here in the open. Big glowing plasma bullets kind of negate the point of stealth, keep it as a last resort. Three, we need to collect as much intell as possible, try to not kill the higher ups if at all possible, we need the commander at least." His voice was pleasant and polite, but underlain with iron tones of command.

(Sorry, its been about six months in counting since the last time i played fallout... the disk broke Mad ... and the wiki was kinda vague, so I'll need a description of Arlington cemetery and Mama Dolce's)
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Bravo Team: The Assault on Mama Dolce's (COMBAT HEAVY)
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