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 Davoren Murdock

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PostSubject: Davoren Murdock   07/08/10, 06:42 pm

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Mark
Live Journal: No LJ but my facebook sites in my profile details
Also Plays: NA

IC Info

Name: Davoren Murdock
Age: 26
Height: 5.7
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Race: Human
Top Three Skills: Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Speech

Hometown/Origins: Tenpenny Towers
Current Residence: Regulator HQ
Employment/Hobbies: Regulator
Companion: none

Personality: Generally good natured and likeable but doesn’t have any fear of death or personal injury.

History: Davoren was born to a wealthy family living in the luxury of Tenpenny tower until he was old enough to leave to see adventure in the wastelands. With a strict moral sense of right and wrong it wasn’t long before he was dealing with the attempts of raiders and slavers trying to either capture him or kill him.

Honing his skills at marksman ship over the years of living out rough in the wasteland he final had enough of living rough and happened across the Headquarters of the Regulators which was currently under assault from a band of roaming super mutants. With a yell he ran in to help with besieged regulators, his rifle barking out leaded death to each abomination he faced. Things wear going fine until out of nowhere he felt the thump of a super sledge slam into his chest and he was flung through the air like a rag roll to land with a crack several meters away. Dazed and wracked with pain he lifted himself up to see a master mutant leering at him with his hammer raised to finish him of but a crack filled with air and the face that once leered at him burst outwards and a solid high caliber round had tore though the back of its thick skull and exited though its face right between the eyes spewing bone brain matter and gore out into the air and into his surprised face.

After that the world when black, until he woke several days later being tended to by the regulators.
With his wounds now fully healed the regulators offered him a place amongst them after he had demonstrated great bravery and skill in dispatching many of the mutants on his own before he fell.

Taking them up on their offer and now finally having a purpose Davoren now wanders the wastelands putting his skills to use when needed with a firm word or when needed some hot lead.

Preferred Weapons: His lever-action rifle and his officers sword

Preferred Armor: Regulator Duster over merc grunt outfit

Motto: The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself.
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Davoren Murdock
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