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 Khasen Reisert

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PostSubject: Khasen Reisert   04/06/09, 01:38 am

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Liz
Live Journal: lifeisaglitch

IC Info

Name: Khasen Reisert
Age: Khasen thinks she's about 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs. Her build is a bit stocky, but it's mostly muscle.
Hair: Brown. The cut is short and uneven.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Tan
Race: Human - Caucasian

Hometown/Origins: Her family wandered the Wastes. They never settled anywhere for very long.
Current Residence: The Common House in Megaton
Employment/Hobbies: She's been scavenging the Wastes since she could walk.
Companion: None

Personality: Khasen is serious, quiet, and irritable. And she really, really, doesn't give a shit about your problems.

History: The first time Khasen scavenged underground was when she was 10. A ghoul snuck up on her family and grabbed a hold of her. It managed to pull her in a give her a nasty bite on the shoulder before her father put a bullet in between its eyes. Then it fell on her, pinning Khasen with its weight. By this time, Khasen'd been hollerin' up a storm and that attracted more and more ghouls. These tunnels were downright infested, it turned out, and it took a good half hour before the three of them had managed to fight their way out of the tunnel. It was the longest half an hour of Khasen's life and for months afterward she would have nightmares of rotten hands, lidless eyes, jagged teeth, and inhuman moans.

When Khasen was around 18, her father was taken by slavers. He left her family's camp after a heated argument with his wife. Soon after, Khasen and her mother heard gunshots and went to investigate. When they arrived they found Khasen's father captured by the slavers. Worse yet, the slavers were too numerous and well-equipped to handle by themselves. They were forced to leave her father to his fate. A few days later, Khasen's mother killed herself.

After that, she just continued to wander the Wastes like she always had. The only difference was that now she was alone. She's in Megaton right now, but who knows how long she'll stay.

Preferred Weapons: Assault rifle, brass knuckles.

Preferred Armor: She wears some Raider Commando Armor which she scavenged some time ago.

Motto: "What the hell do you want?"
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Khasen Reisert
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