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 Dahlia Morrow

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PostSubject: Dahlia Morrow   04/06/09, 06:40 am

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Tasha or Anya. I answer to both.
Live Journal: ladygreta

IC Info

Name: Dahlia Morrow
Age: 20; she thinks at least
Height: 5’ 3” She hates being called short even though she really is.
Weight: 140 Some muscle, most baby fat, all hers.
Hair: Jet Black. Cut down to her shoulders. A little frizzy so it sticks up everywhere in hot weather.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Light Brown
Race: Human – African American

Hometown/Origins: Unknown. She doesn’t remember the early years of her life.
Current Residence: Carol’s Place in Underworld
Employment/Hobbies: Waitress at Carol’s though she has gone with Willow many times to walk around the Mall/She likes to practice her shooting with Willow and sometimes helps Tulip with inventory.
Companion: None

Personality: Dahlia is a very strange person; known to be a little bit of a firecracker when she sees things that aren’t fair to her and always willing to lend out a helping hand if it’s not too much trouble for herself and someone is paying something at least. Has this tendency to start giggling and not being able to stop for minutes at a time at really horrible moments. She’ll also go quiet for hours, Carol thinks it’s because she’s trying to remember but honestly Dahlia doesn’t even know herself. She has a way with words, Greta calls her manipulative but Dahlia likes to think of it as 'influential'.

History: Found by Quinn when she was younger, wandering the Wastes alone and delirious, he brought her back to the only place he could: Underworld. Everyone has a hand in raising her though it was mainly Carol and Greta. She loves it there cause Carol never turns the radio off so she always has something to listen to. Dr. Barrows has done tests on her and stated that she has repressed memories from a psychological event that has happened to her, which is why she goes quiet for hours sometimes. Carol is very overprotective of her, Dahlia has no idea why except for a name Carol likes to whisper when she thinks she’s alone, and as such never wants Dahlia to leave her. She’s recently started to go on patrols with Willow throughout the Mall to better her weapon skills, incase something bad happens.

Preferred Weapons: Chinese Assault Rifles and Shotguns(Willow gets her the good stuff sometimes) but when she can’t get her hands on those a 10mm SMG will do just fine. Also carries frag grenades but not many.

Preferred Armor: Combat Armor (though she can’t get her hands on any), Merc Grunt Outfit (which she wears constantly) and a Bandana (to hide her frizzy hair).

Motto: “We can all sing together but we all can’t talk at the same time.”
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Dahlia Morrow
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