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 Avery Triggs

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PostSubject: Avery Triggs   04/06/09, 11:29 pm

I'm a little overly descriptive, but it's mostly to help me suit-up, so to speak. Sorry to kill your eyes with details.

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Chelsea
Live Journal: caingraham

IC Info

Name: Avery "Trig" Triggs
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135, average build
Hair: Dark Red/Auburn, too long to be short, too short to be long. Unkempt, always falling in her eyes.
Eyes: Dark Blue
Skin: Kind of pale, covered in freckles, especially on her face, chest, and arms.
Race: Human - Caucasian

Hometown/Origins: Family originally from the Commonwealth.
Current Residence: Rivet City - Common Room
Employment/Hobbies: Begrudgingly takes odd jobs when she needs the caps. Considering training as a Rivet City guard.
Companion: None yet.

Personality: First off, she doesn't like it when people call her Avery. Her name is Trig for all intents and purposes. Secondly, once we get this name thing straightened out, don't talk to her at all anyway. She often describes herself as a 'grumpy old man who doesn't like company.' Trig isn't much for physical activity, and she figures if she were to become a guard, she'd probably give up and let people go if they made her chase them far enough.

She wasn't destined for greatness, and hell, even if she was she'd probably call in sick.

Trig isn't one to lecture anyone on morality, and couldn't care less what anyone does with their life. She doesn't take well to arrogance or optimism, but she'll allow someone to talk to her if they aren't too intrusive. Despite her efforts to remain largely alone and stationary, that tiny part of her that most people call a conscience gets her to do a small good deed here and there, and renders her not entirely heartless (although any show of that which is not indifference often comes with a heaping of exasperation).

If they ask, she tells others that she's considering training as a Rivet City Guard for the money and to have something to do, but really, she's just looking to spend a little more time around the Security Chief, Harkness, whom she finds incredibly attractive. She considers him her Achilles' heel – the one thing that turns the grumpy loner into a bubbling mess of awkward hormones. Secretly, of course.

History: The Triggs' were the average four-member family in a small community in the Commonwealth. Her parents owned a small diner and, though she was never quite sure, were possibly active in the Railroad – an organization that aided runaway androids. Avery spent most of her time with her older brother and his friends, who always had a dream of heading south to try and join the Brotherhood at the 'legendary' citadel. After her brother was killed in a bar fight with a couple Institute trainees, she made her way down to D.C. with his friends, rather than stay at home with their parents.

Because Avery had no interest in joining the Brotherhood, she and the boys parted ways at Megaton, and she never did find out what happened to each of them. She bounced around from settlement to settlement, and eventually made a home in her own little secluded shack along a trade route out west where no one bothered her for quite a few years.

Some time later, she came down with a bad illness that required the attention of a doctor, so she reluctantly bounced back through the wasteland until landing in Rivet City; the only town that both had a good doctor and was a place she could half-way stand for the few weeks she would have to stay. By the time she recovered, however, Avery decided that she liked not having to fend off wild animals and the occasional asshole, didn't have to hunt or cook, and got to spend a little time in the bar without worrying about being constantly vigilant, like one needs to be when alone on the wastes. She's been there over a year now, and still lives in the common room because she'll 'be damned if I'm going to spend money on something I can get for free.'

Preferred Weapons: She owns an ancient hunting rifle that she's carried since she lived in the Commonwealth which is probably ready to be retired since she doesn't often get around to servicing it. She also carries a butterfly knife that she occupied herself for awhile by learning how to use, however she's never employed it in any way but for carving up something to cook. She's pretty much too lazy and/or cowardly to really use it anyway.

Preferred Armor: For the duration of her stay in Rivet City, Trig wears a pair of men's suit trousers (from the Grimy Pre-War Businesswear) since she 'hasn't worn a skirt since I was four, and I'm not going to break that record,' the corrosponding women's button down shirt, and occasionally a bandana. If she ever manages to get out on the wastes again, she'd cover up with a dirty old jacket and hood (from the Wasteland Wanderer Outfit).

Motto: “When faced with two options on how to go about your day, always choose that which requires the least amount of effort.”
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Avery Triggs
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