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 Jarek Griffin

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PostSubject: Jarek Griffin   05/06/09, 07:09 am

Has been revised.

Name: Jarek Griffon
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Weight: 162, lightly muscled
Hair: Black and straight, shaved sides, usually worn over to one side or up in a mohawk when he can be bothered.
Eyes: Steely blue
Skin: Pretty pale for someone who spends so much time in the wastes. Has a lot of scarring (see history)
Race: Human - Caucasian

Hometown/origins: Rivet City area (see history), although true origins unknown.
Current residence: Grayditch (what was the Brandices old house).
Employment/hobbies: Lone Merc and general wanderer. He enjoys playing an old battered acoustic guitar his father gave him many years ago. He has another personal agenda, but generally he won't talk about this.

Companion: None at the moment.

Personality: Jarek tries to keep to himself mostly. He is generally fairly friendly and amiable with a good sense of humour which is sometimes a bit sarcastic but, if you give him reason to, he will show his ugly side and won't take any shit to the people he cares about. Not that he really cares about anyone...or at least, will admit it. He is pretty bad at hiding his feelings, but can be very stubborn with regards to his history and more personal issues.
He is also very open minded in many ways, having a strange liking of ghouls and seeming more relaxed in their company for some reason. He is generally defensive when asked about it and really cannot stand bigots.
Jarek is sensitive about his scars but tries not to show it and although he doesn't like to spend too much time around lots of people, he would secretly be happy to have some kind of companion to spend his wandering days with, to ease the loneliness.

Jarek spent his youngest years in a small settlement within an abandoned old building some distance east of Rivet City. He can't remember how they came to be there as he was so young at the time, although he does remember they did not intend on staying there for as long as they did. In fact, he can't remember much of his family or the other people he lived with, except his father. Or perhaps he chooses not to remember. He lived with his parents (well, who he called his parents at least, he knew they were not really his own) and his 'father' would take him out hunting and scavenging. He learned to move quietly and quickly and spent most days just struggling to survive. But something happened to separate him from his family and he came to spend his teenage years living in Rivet City. What exactly happened is unknown. He refuses to speak about it, but most people can guess it has something to do with the terrible burns scars he has all down one side.
(The scars extend from his left hand jawline all the way down his left hand side and arm, down his leg. Pretty much all of his arm is scarred over. His right side is unaffected).

He spent his time in Rivet City training to be a guard as he had always displayed a sharp eye, pretty impressive gun skills for a kid his age and a lot of potential. But, in his heart he wanted more freedom. He wanted to see more of the world and had something else burning inside of him, some other very personal reasons to wish to leave. So, he made the decision to head out on his own. He didn't have any real ties there anyway, aside from a couple of romantic relationships he had been involved in, that weren't serious anyway he figured. He had no true friends.

So he traveled across the wastes, hiring himself out to people he met along the way and eventually ended up guarding a caravan which led him to Megaton. Something about the place (or perhaps, something he learned there) made him want to stick around a while. He didn't like the idea of actually living there, too many people and too many arseholes. One in particular. So, he decided to head out and find somewhere not too far to set up for now. He found Grayditch and a crazy old doctor living there. He didn't like the guy and quite frankly was pretty suspicious of what he was up to, but thankfully the doc didn't seem to spend too much time up in Grayditch itself, so he found an abandoned old house and settled in.

Preferred Weapons: Rifles mainly. Particularly the hunting, assault and sniper rifles. He also carries a large combat knife.

Preferred Armor: Leather, easier to sneak about and move in.
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Jarek Griffin
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