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 A reluctant start (Grayditch)

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PostSubject: A reluctant start (Grayditch)   05/06/09, 09:34 am

Jarek sighed.

He supposed he had best get himself out of the house and over to Megaton. He just really didn't feel like taking the trek over there today, but he knew he really should.
He really needed to earn some caps for one thing, or at least trade some crap and say hello to Gob.
Jarek stood up from his position sat staring out of the grimy window and cracked his knuckles. He sometimes wished he had some kind of company, but he figured that wouldn't happen any time soon.
He needed to sort that bastard out though and he doubted he could do it himself, not with all the flies around the piece of shit. Problem is, he didn't really have a true idea where to begin. He was close though, close to finding him. He could just feel it.
Then there was that other fucker. I'll sort him out some day, he thought to himself, for Gob's sake at least.

This was the main reason Jarek didn't want to spend too much time in Megaton. He could barely contain his rage when he had to venture into Moriarty's Saloon.
Still, there was time. He knew he couldn't act too rashly.

Adjusting his leather armor and checking his gear was all in place, hunting rifle, ammo, combat knife and general crap loaded into his backpack, he walked out into what was left of the street.
The place kind of gave him the creeps, but it was better than nothing. That weirdo doctor hadn't been around for a few days, thankfully. He didn't know what he was up to, but whatever it was it was highly suspicious. He briefly thought about breaking into the docs shack and seeing what he could find, but he decided against it, he wasn't sure he really wanted to know.
The slight breeze blew his black hair around and he took a moment to listen, squinting in the morning sun. It was eerily quiet.
"I hate this place" he mumbled to himself and then strode on up the broken road towards Megaton.
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PostSubject: Re: A reluctant start (Grayditch)   12/08/09, 11:37 am

OOC: Closing this because the character has long since moved on.
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A reluctant start (Grayditch)
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