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 Teagan O'Donnell

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PostSubject: Teagan O'Donnell   05/06/09, 01:21 pm

[probably gonna mess around with her history at a later date, not quite satisfied with it. >>]

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Dunno? xD
Live Journal: trialbyfire99

IC Info

Teagan O'Donnell (Tee to her very few friends or Ace to those she does business with)
Age: Twenty Two
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130lbs, a decent amount of muscle.
Hair: Dark Purple (Yes, you read that right), faintly visible black roots. It's neck length, wispy/choppy and thick bangs. Usually pulled back.
Tee's Hair
Eyes: Grey...Just grey. Not blue-grey, green-grey..just plain sheet metal grey.
Skin: Moderately tan, but it's hard to tell through all the dust, y'know?
Race: Human -- Caucasian

Hometown/Origins: Rivet City
Current Residence: Various inns, abandoned houses, basically where ever is closest and safest when she feels the need to sleep. She does have a place in Rivet City, but it's more like storage space than a home.
Employment/Hobbies: Scavving/Relic Collecting...And a damn good sniper on the side.
Companion: A mutt, Charlie. Scavvers ALWAYS have a dog, didn't you notice?

Personality: Decidedly blunt and lacking in all forms of social graces, Teagan is your typical wasteland scavenger -- for the most part. It took her an extra twenty minutes to get into Tenpenny Tower because she told Gustavo where he could shove that rifle of his -- bigoted bastard. She is, however, a saleswoman, and so she somehow managed to sweet talk her way in, she likes having a good number of caps and the residents of Tenpenny Tower have plenty to spare. She has a tendency to speak way before she thinks which has landed her in less than favorable situations, she claims to have no 'brain to mouth filter' she just says what she thinks as she thinks it. Sometimes this trait makes her a little difficult to be around, if you can't tolerate her low level obnoxiousness you might wind up thinking she's a pain in the ass. She won't do anything to prove that wrong either -- maybe if more people think that they won't try and talk to her so much when she passes through town.

Teagan isn't particularly fond of people as a whole, though she's found most ghouls to be pleasant company. They're jaded and blunt and she can appreciate that -- but generally Charlie is the only companion she can tolerate for extended periods of time. Besides, she doesn't know anyone else that'd take a chunk out of a supermutant for her, people aren't that reliable. . .and Charlie has fur.

History: Born in Rivet City, raised in Rivet City and determined not to die in Rivet City, she has always been a restless soul, she's also never gotten along with her God-Fearing family who think she's testing fate by leaving the safety of the city. Needless to say, they don't speak much; "They" being her mother, father, older brother(a member of the guard) and younger sister, it's a little depressing, but if she stays out of the city for long enough sometimes she can forget.

If someone asked her how she became a scavver she wouldn't be able to give a precise answer. She started out just exploring, picking through the ruins and rubble just to see if there was anything worthwhile to collect, and then the epiphany that a lot of the stuff she found was worthy caps - sometimes a decent amount. Slowly scavving evolved from a hobby to an occupation, she helped to restock shops and trade caravans and made a decent amount of money and from there it transformed further - for extra caps she would treasure hunt, explore even the supermutant infested Mall for the right price. It was fun, it was a thrill, and she got a certain amount of satisfaction from every accomplished job and discovered trinket and relic and sometimes even kept the ones she was particularly fond of, if they weren't a commissioned find. Scavving kept her moving and active, it was the perfect career for her and people ALWAYS need something from the wastes that they're too afraid to get for themselves.


Preferred Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle and a KA-BAR sheathed in her boot, just in case.

Preferred Armor: None, just a merc cruiser outfit. She doesn't like to let anything get close enough so that she'd NEED armor.

Motto: "Finders keepers, pal."
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Teagan O'Donnell
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