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 Bulletin Board.

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PostSubject: Bulletin Board.   05/06/09, 05:06 pm

(OOC: A place for people to post short IC messages, like a Bulletin Board in a town center. This can be a good way to get players for quests or even just provide some comic relief. Posts are written like a note, not a full narrative.)
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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board.   07/06/09, 01:23 pm

A note written in a barely-legible scrawl, on the blank inside of a poorly torn box of detergent:

Merc for hire. You got a problem? I got a solution.
Will kill just about anything for caps.
Find me in Moriarty's: Mon, Wed, and Fri.

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L.H( Matthew Vegras )
L.H( Matthew Vegras )

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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board.   25/09/09, 07:20 am

Feel like you need something to kill? Then look no further. Will catch the following things the price next to the name:

Mole Rat ( 1 Caps )
Vicious Dog ( 2 Caps )
Brahmin, Mad Brahmin ( 4 Caps )
Feral Ghoul ( 3 Caps )

And so on for 10 Caps depending on difficulty for example: I'll get a Bloatfly for about 3 Caps, but I''ll want about 20-30 Caps for a Death Claw

Will work for anyone, availible Mon-Fri and Saturday and Sunday

Sincerely, your violent Hunter- Matthew Vegras, The Lonely Hunter
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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board.   13/08/10, 11:14 pm

A note appeared on the board over night, it's not written in ink but in blood,

Hello Citizens of Megaton, long time no see, you think sending me out into the Wasteland would be enough to kill me? Well it wasn't, and I'm back for blood, you have been warned.

With all my hate, K

OOC:I tried to make it as ominous as possible, is it good?
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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board.   

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Bulletin Board.
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