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 Lex Rugsby *edit*

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Lex Rugsby
Wasteland Junkie
Lex Rugsby

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PostSubject: Lex Rugsby *edit*   06/06/09, 09:47 am

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Aggie
Live Journal: JellicleJessie
IC Info

Name: Alexia "Lex" Rugsby
Age: *edit* 42 (the way I write her she seems way older than twenty-something)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 137
Build: lithe, lean musculature
Hair: Honey blonde, wavy shoulder length
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: pale, lots of freckles
Appearance: strong, square jaw and high, defined cheek bones. she has almond shaped eyes and a wide, thin mouth. She has a multitude of scars all over her body, including a very faded one that cuts diagonally across her face, from her right eye down to the left side of her jaw. (with a good coat of dust it's almost invisible.)
Race: Human-caucasian
Addictions: cigarettes

Hometown/Origins: "The Mountain", WA (an agricultural settlement on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens)
Current Residence: the wastes
Employment/Hobbies: scavver, occasional mercenary work
Companion: none

Personality: Efficient and pragmatic, Lex is almost never unprepared. Still, she has a warm and personable side that she'll show around friends. In combat, she is cold and calculating, and a bit of an adrenaline junkie. She tends to keep to herself, not wanting to get to close to anyone. She tries her damnedest to keep a low profile, but usually winds up helping people either by mistake or for caps. She has a deep fear that someone will try to take her freedom (as in being able to be out in the wastes) and is wary of anyone she meets. For the most part she's quiet and stoic, especially in the wastes. She prefers to work alone, and fears emotional commitment. she's good with computers, repair, and stealth combat. her slight build hides surprising strength and endurance from being in the wastes for so long.

History: After her family was killed by raiders, Lex wandered the wastes. She's spent a good part of her life traveling the desolated country, looking for a place to settle down. That is, until she realized that the thought of "settling" sent a crawling feeling down her spine. Crossing the country at the tender age of thirteen, she finally made it to D.C. about four years ago. By then she had learned a very valuable set of skills, and had earned enough caps to keep herself well armed and armored for a good long while. She's done a little bit of everything: scavving, mercing, you name it, she's done it. Jack of all trades and master of none, she's made a living from death. once she reached D.C. she stayed in Rivet City for a while, but eventually returned to her roaming ways out in the wastes.

In her lifetime She's made and lost friends. She used to travel with a Ghoul by the name of Styx, he was lost in a scavving trip to the Dallas Ruins. after that, Lex worked alone; until she had a baby. The worst loss she can remember is that of her son, Diarmuid; he was killed not too long ago in Evergreen Mills. He'd just turned seventeen when they entered the Capital Wastes. One of the first places they ran into was Evergreen Mills, since it was basically a raider city, Lex was compelled to cause as much grief as possible. Diar was lost in the fray, and Lex has never forgiven herself. While the loss of a child is nothing short of agony, it was made all the worse because he reminded her so much of her little brother. It was almost like losing him a second time. Now, She is livid that she works alone; she may join a party from time to time, but will never lead another human being to their death.

She often finds herself missing The Mountain, her quiet little home town in Washington. She is also getting over culture shock by being this far east. having spent most of her life on the west coast (particularly the north west) she finds the lack of "basic" supplies aggravating. she hasn't had a decent cup of coffee in years, and no one this far east sells flints for her beloved Zippo. the time is fast approaching when she'll have to make the month long trek west to properly resupply.

Preferred Weapons:"Acheron" a well tuned, slightly modified Chinese assault rifle. (basic damage and range, just with an extended magazine that holds 36 instead of 24) collapsible sniper rifle, combat shotgun, and combat knife.

Preferred Armor: Tallon company combat armor, the black is good for stealth. (kept in good repair with all of the tallon company mercs she's killed.) in town she wears the wasteland wanderer outfit (pretty much...)

Motto: "I don't need much, just the stars overhead and enough ammo to take care of myself."
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Lex Rugsby *edit*
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