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 Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*

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PostSubject: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   08/06/09, 07:43 pm

Alright I had to get this off my chest cause it was hilariously sad when it happened to me.

I was playing Take It Back and I got the Broken Steel DLC so it continued blah blah blah. Anyway I discovered that sometimes Charon (our beloved ghoul) sometimes likes to completely vanish after you wake up in the Citadel. I read online that he likes to wander in the Taft Tunnels I think their called. The ones you had to escape in with Dr. Li and the other scientists?

So anyway, I didn't know that. All I knew was that after playing the ending a bunch of times I woke up in the citadel and realized he wasn't there and that never bodes well in my book so I restarted.

It wasn't until after I did what I did I realized I completely messed up.

I decided to fire him before I walked into the Rotunda. You know, I figured he would just be waiting back in Underworld for me.

But no.

I continue the game, wake up as usual, leave the place (so that it makes an AutoSave of course) and try to find Charon.

He was on top of the Jefferson Memorial!! Over in the zone you can completely not get to! With the stairs that are blocked off and everything! I literally started crying. My friend was trying to calm me down and everything. But I was like 'No! My Charon is not with me!!!'

So I go and do what I'm known for. Doing the impossible. I wandered the Wasteland looking for one of those barrels and literally kicked it all the way back to the Memorial and looked for a place to set it on vertically. That took me at least an hour real time then when I did and I somehow by the grace of whoever jumped up there I would have totally hugged Charon had I been in the game. I was like 'Don't you ever leave me again you hear me!?'

So yeah -is sheepish now- just wanted to see if anyone else had any strange moments like this happen to you guys in game. I thought I'd be the first one to toss the harpoon. If you've had any weird or strange moments happen, talk about them here! I wanna see if there are more strange things in the game that make you go 'Huh?' or just cry (like I kinda did with my Charon thing).
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   08/06/09, 08:05 pm

I haven't had anything that crazy happen, but every time I left the Dunwich Building Charon somehow glitched to the front door and there was always a Giant Radscorpian waiting for him.
It was the weirdest thing cause I'd leave, walk a few steps and get the message "Charon has died." So I'd restart and leave again with the same results. It took me 5 tries before I realized what was going on and I still had to restart a 6th time because I didn't get to him in time.
My boyfriend had the same problem in his latest game with Jericho.

On a side note, our disk is totally warping. It has me worried DX
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   08/06/09, 08:10 pm

Omg that happened to me too. Cept it was a Deathclaw waiting for him. Like I wasn't weirded out enough by going into that creepy ass building then when I finally get the hell out there's a Deathclaw ripping my Charon to shreds. And it was nighttime too! Added to the creepiness factor.
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   08/06/09, 09:40 pm

Haha, Charon moping on top of the Jefferson Memorial over being fired...how dramatic! Might be a writing prompt somewhere in there (nudge nudge ladygreta! I wanna read more from you! Smile )

Do you guys ever get flying Dogmeat? I think it's my most common glitch. It only happens inside buildings, but every so often he'll just float right up to the ceiling for a few seconds.

And I have proof that Charon hates my fic character, Chastity. In my games with her, I usually have her hide behind something and pop out to fire a few rounds. Charon just loves to choose the same object for cover and shove Chastity out in the open to get her face shot off. Chick has like, 2 Endurance! He kept pulling that over and over during the Reilly's Rangers quest. I got so annoyed with being murdered all the time I fired his ass until the quest was over.
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   08/06/09, 10:36 pm

I still love that every time I settle in at home in Megaton, he looks at me dejectedly and tells me he 'doesn't like the look of this place.'

Like I have time to decorate...
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*   

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Strange Things Happening In Game? *May Contain Spoilers*
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