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PostSubject: Companions   Companions Empty16/06/09, 05:12 pm

We've come up with a method for people to get companions other than the basic animal/robots! If you'd like a human/ghoul/slave etc... companion, contact an Admin and post how your characters met in a "Private"/"Companion Introduction" topic in the appropriate forum. The companion won't be added to any posts you're currently in but will be available for any new ones you start or join.

You can add your companion's bio to your character's.

I've posted one in the Wasteland. It's stupid long so don't feel like you have to write anything like that. Calico and Four are among my oldest characters and have been in several different stories and games like this. I tried to write Calico on her own but it just wasn't working out. She needs Four to balance her.
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