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 Victor Reed

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PostSubject: Victor Reed   28/07/09, 02:48 pm

Name: Victor Reed

Height: 5' 10
Weight: 175
Hair: Auburn High and tight
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Pale, lots of freckles

Markings (scars, birthmarks etc.): has a bullet shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. A long, sweeping scar along his upper left arm from a Chinese Officer's sword. has smaller scars scattered all over his body from years of Mercing.

Race: Human- Caucasian
addictions: Alcohol

Hometown/Origins: "The Mountain" WA
Current Residence: Fort Bannister
Employment/Hobbies: Talon Company merc.
Companion: Yao Guai named Brian

Personality: Strong, silent, and deadly; Victor isn't afraid to kill when he has to. In fact; he's more of the "shoot first, ask later" sort of guy. With a dark and twisted sense of humor, he has fun playing with the corpses of his kills. In battle he is stealthy and pragmatic, he is fond of traps. Doesn't understand the meaning of "strange". Severely paranoid, he will lay an entire minefield around his campsite before he ever considers sleeping. Some people have called him insane, they didn't live very much longer afterwords... Victor dosen't consider himself insane, just really... really careful. which is probably why he's lived as long as he has; all things considered...

History:His home was ransacked by Raiders, they killed his family. he watched most of them die but was knocked unconscious in a gutter before -he's pretty sure- they killed his older sister Alex. He wandered the wastes afterwords, eventually joining up with Talon Company. at the time it was his best and only option for survival, after a while it gave him an outlet for his... creative tendencies. He proved to be so efficient and ruthless that they dubbed him "The Reaper". He was re-assigned to Fort Bannister when the CO was more than a little spooked by his paranoid behavior. (stepped on a land mine near Victor's bed and blew off his leg...) ... (What!? I told him he should've knocked...)

Preferred Weapons:Combat knife, Sniper rifle, sawed off shotgun, and a flame thrower, for when stealth is not an option. He also carries a store of grenades and mines, just for fun...

Preferred Armor: Talon company merc armor, and a hockey mask (which he never takes off)

Motto: "I told him not to step there..."
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Victor Reed
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