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 Dominic O'Reiley

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Dominic O'Reiley
Dominic O'Reiley

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PostSubject: Dominic O'Reiley   01/08/09, 11:30 pm

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Joe.
Live Journal: I don't have a personal LJ. I saw the ad in rpg_ads, and came here.

IC Info

Name: Dominic Winston O'Reiley; "Initiate Dominic"
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Hair: Brown, shoulder-length, and straight.
Eyes: Blue.
Skin: Caucasian.
Race: Human, minimal radiation exposure.

Addiction: Mentats, though he actually does need these. Consider them more of a prescribed treatment than something he takes to get high.

Hometown/Origins: Was born in the Citadel.
Current Residence: Fort Independence
Employment/Hobbies: Brotherhood Outcast Trainee, soon to be Initiate
Companion: Heavily modified Mr. Gutsy named "Butcher Pete"

Personality: Dominic is probably one of the more educated people you will find in the Wasteland, even as far as someone who was raised in the Brotherhood of Steel would go. Dominic is fascinated with technology, Pre-War and Post-War alike, and prior to being drafted into the soldier branch of the Outcasts, had studied the technology collected, even going as far as to convert a Laser Rifle into a Plasma Rifle, and then back again. Had he not been raised anywhere except by the technology-worshipping Brotherhood, he'd have easily been considered a nerd.

Having spent his teenage years in the Outcasts, he has grown to loathe "locals" and the Brotherhood of Steel (despite his mother still being there), from the pure influence of those around him. He had listened to Enclave Radio once, and found it absolutely absurd, and has since had a strong dislike for the Enclave, especially John Henry Eden.

As a person, Dominic is a bit of an intellectual bully, to say the least. He is rude, arrogant, and a complete jerk, and his custom-made Mr. Gutsy reflects that. He hates comics like Grognak the Barbarian, choosing instead to read RobCo manuals, as well as different issues of Nikolai Tesla and You. He has been shown to insult those around him, though he seems to have a cunning and calculating aura around him. He's also meticulously clean, keeping his bunk in Fort Independence absolutely spotless. He's often teased for this, though he plays along with the jokes.

It was because of his obsession with technology and cleanliness that he was considered autistic.

History: Dominic, despite getting a decent education while growing up in the Citadel, had lived a somewhat happy life. He was born autistic (possibly from radiation exposure while his mother was pregnant with him), and thus was not going to be raised to be a Knight, and was instead chosen to grow up to be a Scribe. His father didn't like this; his father, being a Paladin, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, and thus opted to relinquish his parental duties (much to the chagrin of Elder Lyons), in order to search the Super Mutant-infested hospitals and Raider-infested clinics found throughout the D.C. Ruins for anything that would help his son, whether it be chems or something similar.

As Dominic grew up, he was fascinated with robots and energy weapons. As a Scribe-in-training, Dominic was introduced to the workings of both. In time, it became an obsession; he had programmed his first Protectron at age five, and built his first laser pistol at age six. Lyons began to consider him a genius, but his personality issues (namely his tendency to insult others for their mistakes) prevented him from ever being considered a candidate for combat training.

At age seven, his father began giving him mentats to correct some of his personality issues, and for a while, it worked. His test scores went even higher, and soon Dominic was even able to build laser rifles from spare parts. Elder Lyons was getting slightly worried, however; Dominic began losing sleep, spending all of his time in the lab, and no time with anyone else. He was obsessed with Liberty Prime, and even went as far as to berate Scribe Rothchild for making a simple miscalculation with the energy deficiency.

It wasn't until he was age ten that Paladin O'Reiley had a disagreement with Dominic's mother. She finally objected to Dominic's mentat treatment, saying that his personality had been completely warped. O'Reiley retorted with the argument that he needed them if he was ever going to grow up to be a Knight. See, Dominic's father had it in his head that if he were to take the mentats, he could correct his personality issues, and thus be eligible for the training required to follow in his footsteps, despite Elder Lyons telling him that this would never happen. That was the last straw. One night, Paladin O'Reiley took his son, and left the Citadel, bound for Fort Independence. Despite a few problems with radscorpions and a rogue Mr. Gutsy, they made it in one piece, and were welcomed with open arms.

Dominic's knack for electronics astounded the other Specialists, and soon, Dominic was initiated as a full-fledged Outcast Specialist at age eleven. They even put up with his attitude, knowing that he would become an asset. Dominic had even gone out one knight armed only with a laser pistol, and brought back the damaged Mr. Gutsy his father had killed, and fixed it. He upgraded its plasma emitter, and reprogrammed it completely to be rude and violent, naming it "Butcher Pete" for the Ripper he grafted to its arm.

At age twelve, he even programmed a Robobrain, but unfortunately, he had learned that his father's unit was wiped out by a group of Raiders while out on a recon mission near Springvale Elementary. By then, they needed a replacement, and Protector Casdin knew that it was time to teach the kid how to shoot a laser rifle.

Even though Dominic knew how to build one of those rifles with his eyes closed, he didn't have the slightest idea how to shoot one. He took off a Protectron's head the first time he fired one, and was a terrible shot.

He eventually got the hang of it, though, and at age seventeen, his body is being conditioned to wear the heavy Outcast Power Armor. His dream is to one day get his hands on a set of Tesla Armor from the Enclave so that he could study it, and upgrade the Outcast armor to be somewhat similar.

Preferred Weapons: Energy weapons. He can't use a melee weapon worth a damn, however, nor can he use heavy weapons; not even a Flamer.

Preferred Armor: He is just now being taught to use Power Armor, though he's usually seen wearing Outcast Specialist (read: Scribe) Robes.

Motto: If only the human brain could be programmed as well...
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Dominic O'Reiley
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