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 Power Armor Training - Closed; Solo Thread

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Dominic O'Reiley
Dominic O'Reiley

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PostSubject: Power Armor Training - Closed; Solo Thread   02/08/09, 04:43 pm

"Alright, kid, listen. I know you're a good with machines, but you're going to get your head blown off on the front lines if you can't wear the Power Armor." "Yeah, yeah, I know. It's too damned heavy, though, I can barely lift my legs!" "Just try it again. Remember, let the armor do the work, relax your muscles-" "Jesus Christ, yeah, I know, I've heard it a thousand times. I'll put it on again."

Day four of Power Armor training under Defender Rockfowl. Sure, Dominic could at least shoot straight with a laser rifle now, but the armor... he could barely move. Even with the cooling system that he upgraded with bits and pieces from salvaged air conditioning systems, it was uncomfortable, not like his Specialist Robes. He couldn't lift his legs or move his arms, and all he did for the last three days was work out and juice with Stimpaks, and he still was left sore and out of breath when he took the Power Armor off. How the hell did the Defenders do it?

Dominic would emerge a few minutes later from the dressing room, clad in his custom-made Outcast Power Armor, due to how relatively short he was compared to the other, older Outcasts. He trudged out, his legs barely able to lift the weight of the armor. "Look, kid, I like you," Rockfowl began. "You're the best damned Specialist we have, and you turned out to be a decent shot with that laser rifle. But if you can't wear the Power Armor, your father's begging and pleading to Protector Casdin to teach you how to fight will have gone to waste." Dominic didn't answer this, because he knew Rockfowl was right. He would have lowered his head to the ground, but the Power Helmet didn't allow that.

"Not gonna answer?" Rockfowl inquired, raising his side-arm, a laser pistol. "Look, I don't wanna do this, but Casdin said I had to to get you to push yourself." He then fired a single shot at the floor, where Dominic's foot was. Dominic jumped out of surprised, the laser bolt just barely missing Dominic's foot. "What the hell! Are you trying to shoot my foot off?" Rockfowl laughed. "See? I told you you could do it if you tried."

Dominic would have fired off another salvo of swear words at his mentor, but he was right. The bastard was right; Dominic had just lifted his foot up from the adrenaline burst, proving that it was indeed possible for him. Perhaps all he needed was a confidence boost.

"Come on. Let's go outside, and see if you can walk up the side of the bridge wearing it."

Dominic followed the man, and despite some difficulty walking up the stairs to the outside of Fort Independence, he somehow felt stronger. He felt more confident with every step; he just jumped wearing Power Armor, and was able to dodge a laser shot. He never thought he'd see the day; he had thought he would only be able to be a Specialist, like how Elder Lyons had said he was going to be a Scribe for all of his life. That old bastard had just been proven wrong.

At last, they were outside. Rockfowl led Dominic to the side of the bridge, where he usually patrols. "Run up the bridge." Dominic cringed at this. Run? He sighed audibly, but did as he was told. The armor seemed much heavier as he went up the inclined slope of the bridge, but he forced himself to run. He felt his breath get short, but he was surprised at himself; he was actually doing it. Even though he was panting from fatigue, he had made it to the top. His muscles ached, but he felt much more confident about his abilities after that painful trek up a somewhat steep incline.

"Good, good. See, you can wear Power Armor," Rockfowl said, walking up behind him. "Wh... what the fuck ever..." Dominic panted, wanting to fall flat on his face, though he knew the inside of the Power Helmet would probably shatter his nose. Rockfowl sighed at Dominic's notoriously foul mouth, but didn't comment on it. He was proud of him, for the moment; soon he'd be able to wear Power Armor and run in it for miles.
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Power Armor Training - Closed; Solo Thread
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