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 Got Jet? - Jet Galesburg

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Jet Galesburg
Jet Galesburg

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PostSubject: Got Jet? - Jet Galesburg   03/08/09, 10:46 pm

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Katy
Live Journal: N/A

IC Info

Name: Jet Galesburg
Age: 20? 24? 30? Too many Mentats.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 100 Lbs
Hair: Shaved off on one side; long and pin straight on the other, a sort of 'collapsed mohawk' look. Blue hair.
Eyes: Light brown, almost hazel.
Skin: Fair skinned, but now due to the heat of the sun a darker, lovely 'crispy' color. Always covered in dirt and oil and who knows what else.
Race: Human

Hometown/Origins: Megaton via Paradise Falls
Current Residence: Rivet City
Employment/Hobbies: Your local drug dealer. Hobbies include buffout, mentats, Med-X, and her favorites jet, ultrajet and psycho.
Companion: A mangy three-legged, bug infested dog named Punga.

Personality: Needless to say, with all of the drugs packed into her system it's hard to tell what Jet's 'true' personality is. On most days she has an obvious odd and 'crazy' quality to her, muttering to herself, staring off into space and being paranoid of anything and everything around her. But, she still likes to consider herself a 'people person' and tries to sell whatever drug she has on her at the time for bottlecaps, Nuka-Cola or better drugs. All in all, Jet is an odd woman, she is overly paranoid yet when she is on the right drugs she can be all sorts of personalities ranging from overly violent to some sort of odd intellectual.

History: Jet's history is short and drug induced. Her mother was a slaver whom became knocked up by one of the slaves that she had captured, thus bringing along Jet who was named after the very drug her own mother loved so much.
Her mother had to leave Paradise Falls, to Megaton to have Jet, when she let the girl be raised by the citizens of Megaton while her mother continued her love of Jet.
Of course, since Jet was mostly running on Jet, she became curious of the drug when she was older, leading her to her experiments with other drugs.
Eventually, when Jet was in her teens, her mother died from her overdose. That didn't stop Jet, and she took her mother's drugs along with her own and made the dangerous trek to Rivet City, hoping to start an underground drug buisness within the walls of Rivet City. She wasn't as successful as she had planned, and had to continue traveling around to find Wanderers and Slavers who had also become dependent on the drugs.

Preferred Weapons: Spiked Knuckles, Switchblade, Silenced 10mm Pistol

Preferred Armor: Raider Sadist Armor

Motto: Got Jet?
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Got Jet? - Jet Galesburg
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