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 Dresden ...

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PostSubject: Dresden ...   12/08/09, 05:38 am

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Rather not but ... call me J.C
Live Journal: I don't even know what this is ... cuss me are dum wtf

IC Info

Name: Dresden
Age: 28
Height: 6'10
Weight: 250
Hair: light brown, cropped short
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Caucasian ( pale )
Race: Humans

Hometown/Origins: Unknown
Current Residence: None, but searching for one.
Employment/Hobbies: Scavenger/Drifter, his hobbies include Exploring and crafting useful things.
Companion: None

Personality: He dislikes settlements, and only visits one when absolutely necessary, and never stays longer than it takes to get his business done. In groups he's quiet and untrusting, preferring to take on a "Leave me the F@#$ alone!" mindset with those he doesn't know. For those that have gained his trust he takes on a friendlier "you don't bother me, i wont bother you..." mindset.

History: Dresden has wandered the wastes since he was a young boy. His first memmory were of escaping from slavers, and since he has gathered many fond memories of Slavers, raider, cannibals and all kinds of other fun things that have understandably made him a bit people shy. More recently, he has been getting more and more tired of the dangers and hardships of the drifting lifestyle and has decided to find a nice secluded spot to settle down in. Currently he is searching for a nice apartment in scenic downtown D.C.

Preferred Weapons: Combat shotgun with four spare tubs of ammo, two 10mm pistols with ten clips of extra ammo, five grenades, and a combat knife.

Preferred Armor: Mercenary troublemaker outfit and a raider blastmaster helmet. He has glued two inch by half inch strips of mirelurk shells together into thick plates and sewn them into the inside of his outfit. ( It still looks like a Merc troublemakers outfit but it has about the protective power of a full suit of combat armor.)

Motto: "Go away!"

( I was toying with the idea of giving him an annoying brat sidekick ... but i'm pretty sure he'd kill the poor kid quickly without divine intervention XD )

(it is currently 5:33 AM where i am, and i'm a bit worn out to say the least ... please excuse any misspelling on my part, took me longer to come up with a charactor than i thought it would =) ...yeah )
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Dresden ...
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