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 Calico Borgia and Four (Updated 08/30/09)

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PostSubject: Calico Borgia and Four (Updated 08/30/09)   27/05/09, 04:36 pm

OOC Info

Name/Alias: Dani
Live Journal: Siren_Sutan
Also Plays: Twain, Admin

IC Info

Name: Calico Borgia
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Black and choppy
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Skin: Abnormally pale
Race: (Caucasian, Asian, Native, bit of everything.) - Human
Top 3 Skills:Small Guns, Speech, Lockpick.

Hometown/Origins: Canterbury Commons
Current Residence: Small house in Springvale, former residence of Silver. The front yard is decorated with several garden gnomes, a dead radroach in a baby carriage and a broken Protectron in a spring bonnet. The back door is encircled by land mines. She keeps a bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum on her bookshelf as a night light.
Employment/Hobbies: Independent merc, providing a wide variety of services from assassination, to treasure hunting, to bodyguarding.
Companion: Ex-Raider, sortof Slave, Four. So named for the number engraved on his slave collar. He follows Calico reluctantly, believing the collar remote is hooked to her heart and would be set off if she were to die.

Personality: Calico is fairly laid back. She gets a little edgy between jobs, but as long as the caps are rolling in she'll be your best friend. She's been known to be a little odd at times though, with bizarre battle tactics and an even stranger sense of humor. It's rare that the same person hires her twice, despite the quality of her work. The most dangerous thing about Calico is her unpredictability. Hers is truly a warped mind and although she tends to avoid hurting children or innocents, she can change her tune in a second and cause quite a catastrophe. The best way to describe her would be Manic/Aggressive. Calico is loyal to the person with the bigger purse and, on occasion, has confronted her mark only to be hired by them because they'll pay more. The only people she is ever charitable with are Ghouls, although her reason is not clear. She is the Queen of overexaggeration, poor planning, and dumb luck. For some reason she also has a strong distaste and/or mistrust for other women. Easily flattered, it doesn't take much to get yourself on her good side, but in the same breath it doesn't take much to get on her bad side either. She has a lying streak a mile wide and will often bluff for no other reason than to see what she can get away with.

History: Calico was raised to be a caravan guard but decided there was too much walking involved and not enough fighting. She spent 5 years traveling with her mother and Crow before getting fed up and setting out on her own when she was 19. She made her way to Rivet City and set up shop for a short time but after working several dangerous in-city jobs, Calico went missing. Almost three weeks passed before she returned as suddenly as she disappeared. Quickly gathering her remaining possessions she left the city without explanation as to where she was or what had happened to her. Those who knew her blame this event for her manic behavior. She's crossed the Wasteland countless times either with the caravan or for jobs and knows it inside and out. She tends to stick to the Wastes now and avoids the city as much as possible.

Preferred Weapons: Never without her Hunting Rifle, Calico also commonly carries combat knives (although they're
rarely used for combat), a .32 pistol and is never without at least a few land mines.

Preferred Armor: Leather Armor. It may not be as strong as Combat Armor but it is lighter and Calico relies heavily on out maneuvering her opponents in mid to short range combat by distracting them with flashy and erratic movements before going in for the kill.

Motto: "How much?"



Name: Four
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 179 lbs
Hair: Dark brown, shaggy and unkept. Dreading in places.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tanned and filthy
Race: Caucasian - Human
Top Three Skills: Stealth, Small Guns, Unarmed.

Hometown/Origins: Somewhere North of the Capitol Wastes (On the coast, close to Rhode Island)
Current Residence: Springvale with Calico
Addictions: Psycho (Clean, for now)

Personality: Despite the fact that he acts like every other lunatic Raider when he's high, Four is fairly quiet and paranoid when he's sober. Calico has taken him to clinics to try and break his addiction and has succeeded for the most part. He can function without the drug but is frequently tempted. Four is very strategic in almost every aspect of his life. From the battle field to the social scene he takes his time and thinks out every move before acting. Calico's wild, extravagant behavior drives him crazy, although he doesn't wish hellfire to rain upon her as much as he did when they first met. From a distance he looks intense and dangerous but he folds easily, especially under Calico's glare.

History: Four's life was not always full of mindless brutality and chaos. He grew up with his mother, father and three older brothers in a massive house somewhere North of the Capitol Wastelands. Their home, and several others, overlooked a narrow canyon and was a short walk from the ocean. He spent most of his early years visiting an old Ghoul who lived in a secluded shack near the beach. The man had amassed a varied collection of books and holotapes (most of classical music and opera). He would spend his days pouring over tome after tome and committing each aria to memory, even though he did not speak the language they were sung in. A bright and quiet child, he was constantly tormented and berated by his older, overly aggressive brothers. Four began traveling with his 3 older brothers when in his mid teens shortly after the death of the old Ghoul, who he thought of as his "mentor". As time went on they were joined by other teens who had decided it was better to wander the wastes aimlessly than stay in their suffocatingly boring settlements. They quickly formed a close-knit scavenger group. Eventually most of them turned to drugs to break the monotony of day to day life. Four was one of the last to turn to substances, more out of pressure from his peers than actual need. It didn't take long for them to begin taking desperate measures to keep themselves fed and drugged. It started with the odd rival scavenger, and grew to caravans and small settlements. Before he knew it he was the youngest member of a Raider group; if he hadn't been so far down the road of Psycho, he probably would have cared.

Preferred Weapons: Sniper Rifle for long range, his fists for close range. He wears a Chinese Officer's Sword that Calico gave him but doesn't feel comfortable using it. He is usually well equipped with Stealth boys and uses them frequently. When he's high he'll use any weapon he can get his hands on, no matter how impractical.

Preferred Armor: Merc Veteran Outfit with the medals removed. Not because it's particularly any good, he just hasn't had a chance to find anything better yet.

Last edited by Calico on 17/10/09, 09:32 pm; edited 20 times in total (Reason for editing : Skills added. Four's preferred weapons changed.)
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Urban Ranger

Posts : 283
Caps : 546
Karma : -1
Join date : 2009-05-20
Age : 31
Location : Silver's old house in Springvale after Silver inexplicably went missing.

Character sheet
Group: Freelance Mercenary
PostSubject: Companion Introduction   10/07/10, 03:35 pm

The firefight was over by the time they reached it. Calico had first heard the shots 15 minutes earlier and changed their route immediately to check it out. Of course she told her client, a young wasteland doctor who is apparently too useless to walk from Megaton to Arefu on his own, this was to avoid the battle. Truth be told, she was confident she could take anything in the wastes that could hold a gun and she never passed up the opportunity to scav.

The carnage unveiled itself as they crested a hill. She guessed around fifteen bodies at a glance. Most of them were Raiders, with a few Slavers and their captives strewn throughout. She made her way down the hill, ignoring the protests from her charge all the way, and began inspecting the bodies. Moving fluidly from one corpse to the next she took what she needed, mostly bullets and the odd medical supplies, until she was startled from her task by the Doctor’s voice.

“My God… this one’s still alive.”

She drew her gun as she stood, strutting purposefully over with a dark glint in her eyes. He was standing over a blood soaked Raider, an unshaven man probably her age or a few years younger with tangled, shaggy brown hair, lying on his side. The only hint of life came from his shallow, trembling breathing. She mentally scolded herself for not noticing him first.

There was a simple solution to this problem. One bullet spent, one less Raider to worry about. Leveling her hunting rifle at his head she felt a sick smile tug at the corners of her mouth as she prepared to pull the trigger… then his eyes slid open and she faltered. On the surface she saw a deranged fervor, one that she’d come to relate to psycho users, but beneath that was a pitiful, abject terror that forced her to lower her gun. She knew that kind of fear, had felt it herself once. Someone had spared her then, this was her chance to show it hadn’t been in vain.

His face contorted in pain as he tried to push himself away from her, sucking in short, painful breaths with every movement. His blood left a grotesque smear on the loose dirt beneath him. She crossed the distance he’d made in a single step and pushed him onto his back with a gentle shove from her combat boot. He fell over heavily and cried out in pain, his body writhing and contorting until he stilled suddenly; unconscious from pain, blood loss, or both.

“Is there anything you can give him?” Her own words shocked her.

“Are you out of your mind? He’s a Raider! Shoot the bastard!”

Yes. Shoot him. Shoot him now. Why are you making this so hard? It isn’t like there’s an alternative. Biting her lip she looked around imploring a solution to present itself. This is insane… you can’t really be considering this. She pivoted on her heel without another thought and made for the dead Slavers. After a moment of rummaging she found what she was looking for.

As she turned back, the Doctor recoiled, snarling hatefully at her, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

She was disturbed by how closely his words matched her own thoughts.


It was several hours before he awoke. In that time Calico managed to change him into some decent armor she found on a Slaver, drag him away from the corpses and shoot him full of stimpaks. It looked like a sledgehammer had inflicted the worst of his injuries but she couldn’t be certain. Healing wasn’t exactly her forte. The Good Doctor was long gone now, set out on his own, cursing her out the whole while. Even though she knew his reaction was warranted, she still hoped he’d be eaten by a yao-guai.

She moved to stand over him when she first noticed he was stirring, and as his eyes finally opened it was the barrel of her rifle that greeted him. He cringed away immediately, the faintest whimper escaping his lips before he caught himself and forced out a snarl and an acrid glare. She was comforted by how readily apparent the fear still was in his eyes. If he had enough sense to be afraid, there was hope for him yet. “Mornin’ sunshine.” She chirped, “Welcome back to the world of the living.” He looked about ready to retort but she cut him off sharply.

“Now before you go shooting your mouth off, I should warn you about something.” Lowering the gun she tapped his neck with the barrel and was greeted by a metallic clink. A look of horror settled across his features as he slowly and shakily reached up to touch the slave collar. “That’s right… So I think you have a few things to consider before you do, or say anything.”

His lips worked silently as he ran his hand over the metal that encircled his neck. After a few wordless moments he met her gaze and spoke hoarsely, “You… Bitch.”

She twirled the gun around effortlessly and, with a bitter laugh, slammed the rifle butt into his cheek. His head jerked violently to one side and with a shudder his eyes rolled back as he fell unconscious again.

“... Hell.”


It was dark by the time he woke up again. She had built a small fire and sat hunched beside it, watching him from behind the black veil of her hair. He sat up with great effort, taking his time to look around and evaluate the situation. He was sobering up now, settled in a coherence limbo somewhere after the high faded and before withdrawal took hold. It was hard to tell how long he had before the shakes started.

Glowering at her furiously, he began gingerly fidgeting with the collar. There was something etched in the surface but he couldn’t tell what it was. A cool wind blew the dust up around them and his mind began to wander. Why am I still alive? What does she want with me? The question he kept coming back to was the one that worried him the most, what’s she going to do to me now? It was unnerving the way she was staring at him. He did his best to look hateful and defiant in return.

The venom in his glare was quickly replaced by trepidation as she stood and made her way over to him. “I wouldn’t fiddle with that too much.” She chided, “You don’t want to accidentally set it off, do you?”

He actually considered it for a moment. Having his head blown off was probably worlds better than anything she had planned for him, but he didn’t want to chance it. Letting his hand drop limply he stared at her boots in silence, jaw set in an angry line.

She dropped to her haunches in front of him, smiling crookedly, and held out a stick with bits of iguana speared down its length. He reached for it without thought, suddenly reminded of how desperately hungry he was. The food was jerked away before he could take hold of it and she clicked her tongue at him reproachfully. “Not yet. There are a few things you ought to know first. For starters, that isn’t an ordinary slave collar you’re wearing. Not only can I activate it remotely but it’s actually wired to my body so if my heart ever stops beating…” she trailed off and mimed an explosion with her hands.

Taking a piece of meat from the stick she began chewing it purposefully, her eyes challenging him to react. It took every ounce of strength he had not to fire out and punch her. “So here’s the deal. You’re coming with me. You do what I say, you’ll live; you mouth off or do something I don’t like, you’ll die. Simple enough, right?”

She dropped the food in his lap and strode back to her gear, plopping herself down on her bedroll. He tore into the meat ravenously, trying to ignore the whirlwind of thoughts assaulting his mind. One thing at a time. Fuck if I know how long it’ll be until she feeds me again.

She leered at him self-righteously, and clapped her hands together when he finished, “Right! So we’re at an understanding. If you behave yourself tonight I might even give you a gun to play with tomorrow. Just remember, don’t use it until I tell you too. Oh! I have a name for you—“

“I have a name.” He regretted speaking immediately and looked away, praying the next thing he heard wasn’t the sound of his own head exploding.

“No…” she said, her voice tense with strained patience, “You had a name. That was your old life.” She slid towards him, a sinister grin splitting her face, “This is an amazing opportunity for you, you know? Not many people get a second chance…” She tapped the collar gently, tipping her head to one side so her hair obscured half her face, “This. This is the key to your new life. This is the source of your new name.” Slowly she traced the engraving in the metal, her eyes narrowing to slits, “#4…Four… That’s a good name, don’t you think?”


The journey to Megaton was hell.
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Calico Borgia and Four (Updated 08/30/09)
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