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 Caps and Ranks

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PostSubject: Caps and Ranks   13/08/09, 09:02 pm


Caps are points you gain from posting (More points are awarded for posting in the IC sections than the OOC ones, but you receive Caps for basically every post you make) that can be traded for perks and bonuses for your characters.

Caps can be traded between accounts and given to other players either out of charity or as payment for Commission work.

PM me if there is anything you'd like to trade your Caps for, or if you'd like to trade them with another account and I will make the necessary changes.

The following is a list of available items, perks and bonuses you can trade your Caps for:

Perks Cost
Chem Resistant 10 Caps
Rad Resistant 10 Caps
Cyborg 20 Caps
Ant Might 25 Caps
Cannibal25 Caps
Ant Sight25 Caps
Hematophage 30 Caps
Paralyzing Palm 40 Caps
Wired Reflexes 40 Caps
Tag! 50 Caps
Animal Friend*20 Caps
Animal Friend +**10 Caps

*=This perk affects Vicious Dog, Yao Guai, Mole Rat and Mad Brahmin. These animals will not attack you.
**=Can only be taken if you have Animal Friend. This perk affects Vicious Dog, Yao Guai, Mole Rat and Mad Brahmin. These animals will come to your aid in combat but not against other animals.

Bonus Cost
Additional Companion 25 Caps
Additional Account 50 Caps
Android* 75 Caps
Non-Feral Glowing One* 100 Caps
Super Mutant* 125 Caps
Additional Canon 150 Caps

*= These bonuses would apply to a new character you make.

Special Items Cost
Anything you need Schematics for* 100 Caps
Ghoul Mask 25 Caps
T51b Power Armor 150 Caps
Prototype Medic Power Armor200 Caps
Ant’s Sting (Unique Knife)50 Caps
Jack (Unique Ripper)50 Caps
Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol 75 Caps
Xuanlong Assault Rifle 75 Caps
Blackhawk (Unique Scoped Magnum) 75 Caps
Ol’ Painless (Unique Hunting Rifle)75 Caps
Protectron’s Gaze (Unique Laser Pistol) 75 Caps
A3-21’s Plasma Rifle (Unique Plasma Rifle.) 100 Caps

*= A list of all available Schematics can be found here.


Ranks are the titles that appear under your screen name. Currently they relate directly to the number of posts you've made and change incrementally as your posts go up.
You can also earn special Titles for certain achievements (ie. Completing multiple quests, etc...) and may be able to win custom titles in contests in the future.

More to come on this subject soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Caps and Ranks   10/07/10, 04:22 pm

I will buy... Wired Reflexes and Cyborg for Isaac. The Cyborg bit not replacing any vital organs, but replacing some bones and muscles with cybernetic implants to make him stronger and much more durable.

Sixty-five caps from me. :3
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Caps and Ranks
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